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BSc Programme

B.Sc.(general) was revised and it was renamed as B.Sc. Programme in 2005. The first year is known as Foundation Course and it is common for all the B.Sc. Programme courses. It has one theory paper of Chemistry( CH-103). The paper is of 100 marks. There is one chemistry practical paper also(CH104) In the second year, till 2008 there were two papers of chemistry, Inorganic+ Physical(CH-201A+B) and Organic + Physical (CH-202A+B). From 2008 onwards there are three papers of chemistry, Inorganic chemistry (CH-201), Organic Chemistry(CH-202) and Physical Chemistry(CH-203). There is one practical paper of chemistry (CH-204).

  1. Chemistry Syllabus of Part-II
  2. House Exam. Paper, 2008