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Communicable Diseases


CDCIS is an online programme for the officers in charge to register the new cases of communicable diseases. Once the cases are registered, the cases can be reviewed by the higher health authorties. By this, the number of cases in a district or the whole of Malaysia which has been reported can be traced and steps taken for control and prevent its spread. CDCIS is also useful in the sense of keeping the records. The cases will be notified by the doctors either in the Hospital or in the private sector. The doctors will called up the Health Office to notify them and provide them with necessary information.

There are 9 communicable cases which need to be notify within 24 hours. They are:-

1) Dengue fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic fever
2) Yellow fever
3) Ebola
4) Cholera
5) Food Poisoning
6) Plague
7) Rabies
8) Polio
9) Diphteria

The other communicable diseases need to be notified within a week.

Job Responsibilities of Health Workers