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Contact-new.svg Monika Finau
Employer:Curriculum Development Unit
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I work in the Ministry of Education in Tonga as a Primary teacher since 1983 and now work at the Curriculum Development Unit.

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I like singing, cooking and gardening especially doing flower arrangement.

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The Importance of the "Ha'amonga Trilithon"

This stone which stands as an archway to our Tu'i Tonga's home( King Tu'itatui), tells us many things.One of the important one is : it can tell us how smart the Tongan people were because this stone can tell us where the sun rises on the longest day,shortest day and the day where day and night are in the same length.Those people who built the stone had some astronomical knowledge and skills as I think.King Tupou the iv has mentioned this in 1967 and the village of Niutoua where the Ha'amonga locates has proved it too as the King Tupou the iv visited the Ha'amonga on those particular days and the sun rose exactly on those targeted lines.