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Contact-new.svg Hadleigh Benson
Employer:Mellons Bay School
Occupation:Classroom Teacher
Nationality:New Zealand
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Hadleigh Benson

Professional Background

  • a BSocSc in Human Resource Management, Employment Relations and Psychology
  • a Grad Dip in Teaching

Deputy Principal.

My Projects

Education Information Technology Forum of New Zealand

The Education IT Forum of NZ page is located at blogger.com.
This website is used to discuss the latest ideas and tools surrounding education now and in the future.

New Zealand Curriculum Development

The NZ Curriculum Website is created to aide administrators and staff to plan effectively with in a New Zealand context. I am currently the Administrator for the development of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Web Resources

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Web Resources

Here is an example of a class blog Blog that has been maintained by 8 year olds.