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Contact-new.svg David Ratsatsi
Employer:Botswana Government
Occupation:Education Specialist Curriculum
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My name is David Ratsatsi. I come from Botswana, a country of tranquility, serenity, with a democracy that is well known throughout the world. I am employed by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development in the Curriculum Development and Evaluation Department as a Curriculum DeveloperCV. I have a Physics Degree with Masters Degrees in Instructional Technology (Instructional Systems Design), Business Administration and Educational Planning and Management.

My Passion and Strategic Goal

My interests are in the preparation of the young for useful contribution in the socio-economic development of the country. This I have done through the development of curriculum from pre-primary to Senior secondary level. I have successfully managed the development/revision and implementation of the following curriculum programmes:

    • Pre-Primary Blueprint and Framework
    • Primary Curriculum Revision which was implemented starting with the Lower Primary in 2002 and the Upper Primary in 2005.
    • Junior Secondary Curriculum for implementation in January 2010

Professional Presenations

As an educator, I have been involved in professional presentation at different fora. Some the papers a that I authored are as follows:

  1. Quality of Education in Botswana
  2. Presentation 2
  3. Presentation 3
  4. Presentation 4
  5. Presentation 5

Primary School Students in Class
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Notes from my Wikineighbours

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