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Contact-new.svg Monika from Mindset
Employer:Mindset Network
Occupation:Health content coordinator
Other roles:Instructional and learning design
Nationality:South African
Country:South Africa
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This user was certified a Wiki Apprentice Level 2 by Mackiwg .

Who am I?

I'm Monika from Mindset . I am the health content co-ordinator for Mindset Health, which means that I am involved in developing and reviewing content for the Health channel. I need to ensure that all the content is aligned with the Department of Health, government policy and requirements, and the latest research results and recommendations. Thus, I need to make sure that Mindset Health produces reliable and valid content by ensuring the quality assurance processes are adhered to and refined throughout the content development processes.

Talk with Monika

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My objectives

My objectives for the wiki training are as follows:

  • To find out how to incorporate collaborative learning into Mindset's learning processes.
  • To learn about the latest learning technologies.
  • To discover how to use wikis to facilitate internal processes.
  • To network with educators around the globe.

My educational qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Private Law
  • Honours degree in Psychology
  • Masters degree in the Psychology of Education

My professional experience

I started my educational career working for a consulting company, designing, developing and implementing HIV/AIDS training and workplace programmes. I then joined the University of Witwatersrand, where I was involved in the development and implmentation of their new problem-based and web-run medical curriculum, which is based on the Sydney medical curriculum. I then joined a learning consulting company, where I designed and developed learning programmes for corporates. I am now working at Mindset, a not-for-profit, non-government organisation which produces digital educational content for all school learners and those within the health area.I am specifically based in the Health channel where content is produced in video, worksheet and interactive computer lesson formats. In addition, videos on a variety of health issues have been sourced or produced for the public to watch while waiting in clinics and hospitals.

My interests

  1. Animals: I have 4 dogs Nala.jpgNibbles.jpgRaza.jpgToast.jpg, 3 geese and 5 ducks at home.
  2. Adventurous travel: especially through Africa with nothing more than a 4X4, GPS and toilet roll.
  3. Learning: continuous personal development and growth.
  4. Reading: all books ranging from Maeve Binchyand John Grisham, to those such as The secret.

My life at the moment

  • Ngisafunda isiZulu (I am learning Zulu).
  • I am experimenting with Wiki's...

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Web Resources

My most frequently visited websites at the moment are...

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My learning on wikis so far:
  1. My sandbox
  2. Thoughts on learning topic
  3. Stigma and discrimination- The topic: Mental Health and Spirituality