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To Complete Your WE Account Registration, you MUST Verify Your Email Address

  • Using Instant Messaging/Chat is really helpful - if you have access to an Instant Messaging, Chat, or Skype service, be sure to add and notify your Facilitator - because s/eh can coach you while you're both online!!

Getting Started IS Confusing...Sorry :-(

We're sorry about this, and it is a limitation of the software that we're using. This will be fixed hen WikiEducator moves to new servers, in May 2009.

Problem Identified

When new users create an account on WikiEducator, they get an Email Verification Message from "Erik Moeller" -, not WikiAdmin

This is because the mediawiki software installation was originally set up by Erik Moeller, the Deputy Director of the Mediawiki Foundation (the software that powers both WikiEducator and Wikipedia).

However, when you set up an account on WikiEducator, you are likely looking for a Verification Email from WikiAdmin, NOT Erik Moeller. Consequently, you may not recognize the email when it comes into your Email Inbox, and it may end up in your Trash, Junk or Spam folders.

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Tip: Workaround Solution
  • I will send you a new Verification Email - from Erik Moeller -
  • To do this, I need help from you
  • Email me your
    • User Name (case sensitive)
    • Password (case sensitive)
  • I will then be able to check your WikiEd Account -- so that I can email you a New Verification Message. (
    • It will say:
#ERIK MOELLER, "" Subject: WikiEducator e-mail address confirmation Someone, probably you, from IP address....has registered an account "XXXX" with this e-mail address on WikiEducator. To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate e-mail features on WikiEducator, open the hyperlink (underlined) in your browser.
  • Open the message
  • Click on the Verification hyperlink contained in the Email.

After Email Verification: Next Steps

  • Once you have done the above, please send me a separate email message, to notify me. Please make sure you include Your:
  • User Name
  • Password

Yes, I do have it somewhere, but with 35 people to help in this course, YOU can make my life easier <smile>.

I will log in to your account, and check your WE Account settings. If there's anything missing, I'll fix it for you. Please WAIT until you hear from me.

I will then post a note on your User Page, and you will be notified of the change. This notification will come from "WikiAdmin", delivered to your email inbox.

- Randy