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Contact-new.svg Maria João
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Languages:Portuguese, Deutsch, English
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My Profile

Professional Background

My name is Maria João Spilker. I have graduated in Business Economics at the University Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Frankfurt / Main, Germany), 1989. Since then I am working as a freelancer and have been responsible for designing courses and training in the area of new ICTs and Microsoft Office. In 2003, I have acquitted the course TeleCoach der Wirtschaft ®, certified by the University Paderborn (Germany).


I am an eTrain-the-Trainer in eLearning and, specially, in eModeration from courses online.

My Interests

I research about learning in social networks, personal learning environments, formal, informal and non-formal learning.

My Projects

My Sandbox

My sandbox Here I am exploring the Wiki.

My Reflection

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

80px-Wikineighbour V2.pngHello Maria, great start!! Please let me know if I can be of help. --Gladys Gahona C. 18:17, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

80px-Wikineighbour V2.pngHello Gladys, thanks!! I just loved the two smiles. --Maria João 20:35, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Hi Maria. What else can say, you have already done the work. Let me know if we can help you with anything else. Warm wishes, --Patricia Schlicht 00:54, 31 January 2010 (UTC))

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