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Contact-new.svg Dr.Mamun A. Barbhuiya
Employer:Dhing College, Dhing: Nagaon:Assam
Occupation:Associate Professor
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My Profile

Iam working as an Associate Professor, Department of English, Dhing College, Dhing: Nagaon:Assam I have been awarded Ph.D. degree by Tezpur University Tezpur University.

Personal information

Date of Birth: 01-05-69, Marital status: Married, Nationality: Indian::State of Domicile: Assam

Educational Qualification

Obtained English with specialization in Applied Linguistics from Aligarh Muslim University
Obtained LL.B. from Gauhati University
Obtained Ph.D.fromTezpur University

Professional Experience

Working as Lecturer in English at Dhing College from August 1994 to till date.
Special assignments performed:

  • Performed as Assistant Officer-in-charge in both Higher Secondary and TDC Examinations.
  • Performed as External Officer in Higher Secondary Final Examinations.
  • A Member (subject expert in English ) on the Selection Committee for selection of Lecturer in Dhing College in the year 1998 and 2005.
  • Coordinator, Information and Career Guidance Cell (ICGC) of DC for more than five years.
  • A Member (subject expert in English for selecting Assistant Teachers in High Schools and High Madrassas in the year 2010.
  • Acted as Organizing Secretary of the UGC Sponsored National Seminar in English held at Dhing College in 2007 and 2010 respectively.
  • Discharged his duties efficiently as the Returning Officer to the Election of Dhing College Student Union in the year 2011.

My special area of interest

I am specially interested in CALL. My hobby is making friends, surfing, reading papers & Journals etc. My user a/c is

Hi I am Mamun A. Barbhuiya. I am a participant in National Online Training on Self-Learning Material Development Workshop organised by STRIDE, IGNOU, New Delhi, India during 4-Aug-2008 to 26-Sept-2008)

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(Comment.gif: Hi Mamun, Welcome to this workshop eL4C41. I am your facilitator along with Anirban, Derek & Sarita. We will help you and will watch your page develop. Enjoy this learning mode and ask for help if needed. Warm Wishes.--Dr. Gita Mathur 13:16, 21 July 2010 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Hi Mamun, we would like to see progress on your page during the workshop. Ask for help if needed.--Dr. Gita Mathur 18:06, 25 July 2010 (UTC)) Dear Dr. Mathur and other facilitators Good Morning, and hope a very warm day.Though I am very busy with an additional assignment given by the Govt. of Assam I shall try my best to go through the instructions and fulfil the required activities. mamun

Dr. Mathur, I have already created "My Sandbox" in my user page. Is it necessaty to create another? Will it be wrong if create another sandbox besides the existing one? pl. suggest.

I am interested in the project Scope of e-Resources for Research in Higher Education

  • It is perfectly fine to work at your own pace. Being a WikiBuddy you understand WE values very well. It will be nice to help some Newbies when you have time. Yes Sure, feel free to add more Sandbox it is your page :-)--Gita Mathur

(Comment.gif: Hi Mamun, you are a good WikiNeighbour, keep visiting other pages. As you are experienced as WikiBuddy lead the Group C.--Dr. Gita Mathur 01:52, 28 July 2010 (UTC))
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