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Contact-new.svg MD Alam Rabbi
Website: [1]
Employer:US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (US-NDPAAC) [2]
Occupation:Educator, Politician
Other roles:Community Organizer
Languages:English, Bengali, German
Country:United States of America
Skype address:rabbituli00
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MD Alam's Profile[3]

MD Rabbi Alam[4]

MD ALAM [5] (Kansas City)[[6]]

My name is MD Alam [7]. I am also known as MD Alam Rabbi and I am currently the National Chairman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (US-NDPAAC) [8] and as well as the State Chairman of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus MDPAAC [9]. MDPAAC is one of the six statewide political organizations affiliated and working closely with the Missouri Democratic Party. I am the founder Chairman and has been elected to serve a four year term in 2009. MDPAAC has been dedicated working closely with many democratic local groups and committees. Since the MDPAAC has the statewide organizational structure, it is planning to launch its 114 counties and St. Louis City Central Committee chapters for the Asian –American Democratic Caucus of Missouri Democratic Party.

I am also the President of North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh NABABusa a non-profit Educational based organization working closely with the US Department of Education and helping the less-fortunate children globally by providing support and extending helping hands to the needy ones. People beleives my leadership and community service is remarkable which makes me involved with many organizational activities and many communities based volunteer services. I am currently serving as the Executive Secretary of the Santa Fe Elementary PTA (Parent-Teachers Association) within the Hickman-mills School District. I am the President of the Board of directors of Loma Vista west Townhouses Corporations and serving roughly 300 family based community. I will be serving there next three years as the elected President. I am also the CEO of Minority Directed Small Business (MDSBIZ) a Kansas City based small business. Not only that, I am also serving in the Kansas City Property Maintenance Appeal Board (KCPMAB) [10] as one of the Board of Directors. The KCPMAB was a direct appointment by the Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser and MD will be serving on this board till 2012. Many of my friends, co-workers and people who I always deal with, they beleives my motivation, dedication and dynamic leadership skills and my Military service including two terms tours in Middle East and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as his six years overseas tour in Germany has effective integration of six years of service in the United States Army. My educational and academic background was suitable for the US Army and US Army used my language expertise as a Defense language Interpreter.

During the 2008 Presidential election I was working as one of satellite campaign manager for Obama and the Democratic Party in Greater Kansas City area. My business suite was one of the Campaign Office for Obama in South Kansas City, Grandview and Raytown areas. My voluntary political involvement and recently the active involvement in the Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus have brought us an unparalleled leadership in the great state Missouri.

Since the incorporation of “MDPAAC” I have been attending all most every single events here in the Jackson county as well as all over statewide Missouri. While, I was asked what is your goal, my answer was “I want such an organization which will stimulate an active interest in Asian Americans relating to Political and Governmental affairs to facilitate Asian American participation in the Missouri Democrat Party so that it will help to promote the ideas and principles of the Democratic Party, and to encourage and seek Asian American candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to Asian American voters. Not only bringing the leaderships but the Caucus shall also work with the Asian American Communities to bring their issues to the state and national political attention. We are the Asian- American Communities living in United States of America and exercising our Rights in the Main Stream Political Process. I would love to give back to the community and serve the people in our society.”

I was born and raised in the Rajapur Village [11], under Rupsha Upazila[12] in the City of Khulna [13] the divisional headquarters of Khulna District[14] in Bangladesh. Bangladesh [15] is a south-east-Asian country adjacent to India, Nepal and Burma. After graduating high school I had attend ed the Bangladesh National University and earned my first Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Biolog in 1996. While attending National University of Bangladesh, I became one of the very prestigious student leaders in the Southern Division of Bangladesh. I was one of the three vice chairs of Bangladesh National Student Forum of Bangladesh “Jatio Party” which was the concurrent governmental in power political party of Bangladesh. My student leadership quality and closely involvement of political activities is the key motivation now days that what I think.

My student Politics and such high scale political involvement inspired me to earning his 2nd Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from the National University in 1997. From 1996-1999 I was hired as a High school Science teacher and taught in a Divisional Police School in Bangladesh where my home town is in Khulna Bangladesh. In 1997-1998 I went to a Law school but was not able to finish it up due to the teaching job and the political activities. In 1999 I went back to school to finishing up his Masters of Science Degree in Biology. I was attending his (M. Sc) graduate course in Dhaka College, College of Arts of science of Bangladesh National University. In March 2000, MD Alam relocated to USA and in June of 2000 he joined in the United States Army. I had completed my Basic Training and AIT from Ft. Knox, KY and Ft. Lee VA respectively and was stationed in Germany. During my six (6) years on active duty, I was awarded the following medals and Ribbons: Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Army National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Army Overseas Ribbon and many letters of Recommendations as well as many different awards.

I was very active within the ACS (Army Community Services), FRG (Family Readiness Groups) and Army Community Ethnic Enrichment Programs. I was one of the highly motivated and dedicated NCO and was awarded an Honorable Discharge with the status of VA PTSDE. In 2005 I finished his 1st Graduate Degree in Military science. In 2007 I earned my 2nd Graduate degree in MIS (Computer Information System). I am currently working on my Ph. D leading M.A in Mathematics Education and secondary Mathematics Teaching Certification at UMKC. My long term goal is to bring hope to our children a better Mathematical Achievement and have a movement in Mathematics and education in-term of Curriculum designing. I believe in “Trans-formative Intellectuality, Force for Change, Hope over Fear and Education For a Lifetime of Learning”. I beleive Vote for Change and make it all blue together.

I came from a family where education is the key motivation and vital factor of succession of life. my dad was a University graduate with the degree of Veterinary Science and worked for the Bangladesh Government for 23 years. While at his job only at the age of 55 in 2002 my dad passed away. My both mother and father came from farmer’s family. My elder brother Shere is also residing in Kansas City and the Organizing Secretary of the MDPAAC. Shere is also working in his M.A in Mathematics at UMKC. My Mom and mother-in-law also residing in Kansas City, MO. my younger brother is established and residing in Madrid, Spain who has a graduate degree in Library and Information Science, and he is also involved in Politics in Spain. MD’s elder sister is working for a telecommunication company in Bangladesh and she has a Masters of Arts degree in English.

I am using my multi-cultural and dynamic strategy to rebuild Missouri Democratic Party under the unique umbrella collaboration of Asian American Caucus. I think the next presidential election will be very challenging for Democratic Party, if really Louisiana Governor runs as the republican presidential candidate. Before that happen, Democratic Party has to rebuild from the grass-root level and need to be prepared to have strong battle in the election. MD thinks as Bobby is the 2nd generation of Indian immigrant, he would have lot more acceptance towards the mass immigrants from the Indian continent. That is why we have to work hard and create our grass-root level organizational chapters. I believe the Democratic Party should start working towards all educational institutes to have Young Democrats involvements. If we are not careful, and do not start working right now we will have a hard ship in the long run in near future. So, I am asking all Democrats to come in one point of view that we may have long term victory in the National Level and please join with us.

I am happily married with Afroza Tuli for last 13 years and residing in Kansas City Missouri. My son “Sajid” is seven and a 1st grader in the Santa Fee Elementary in the Hickman-Mills school district. My daughter “Anupriya” is four and half and staying home with the grandparents.. My wife Tuli is a UMKC Nursing student and doing the grocery shopping while I am attending my political meetings and doing my political activities. My wife Tuli beleives I will be holding a public office in near future.

Professional Background

My professional background started at the early age right after I have graduated from High School which is called Intermidate Examination in Bangladesh. I was the founder of Challenger Coaching Center in Khulna Bangladesh. In 1992 with my early leadership and professional motivation I was able to lead and run the Challenger Coaching Center. I was involved in teaching and coaching. The Challenger Coaching Center was one of the very few and famous initials Coaching Center in Khulna in early 90's. Later on when I was involved in politics as I became one of the student's leaders of Khulna District. Sooner after I have graduated my 1st undergraduate B.S in Botany, I went back to school and earned my 2nd B. A in Political Science and then went to a two years Law School in Khulna, Bangladesh. At that moment I was working as a part time science teacher in Khulna Udayan Police school. In 1998 I joined ACI Limited, one of the prominent Pharmaceuticals Companies in Bangladesh in their Elilillie Sector as a Sales Promotion Officer. I worked couple of years for ACI Ltd and earlier in 2000 I relocated to USA and ASAP I joined in the United States Army as an active duty Specialist. I was stationed in few different duty stationed. I completed my basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and my Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Ft. Lee Varginia. I was stationed in Ansbach, Germany and had gained a lot of experience from my overseas Military Service.

As part of my Military mission I have been to many different countries. France, Germany, Austria, Polland, Luxamberg, the Hollands, Grece, Saudia Arabia, (2 terms), Kuwait (2 - terms), Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). I am a proud veteran of Foreign Wars. I was in the down range in Iraq and have served during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. After facing PTSD I have been out of the service and was Honorably Discharged from the United States of Army. My Army career was so professional with my rank as Sergeant Alam and the Army vales I have gained Loualty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honour, Integrity, and Personal Courage which making me as professional as I could be.

In 2006, I joined as a high school Mathematics teacher and still teaching as a part time educators. In 2007 I joined a Kansas City based company P/Strada as their one of the Directors of International Operations. As soon as the economy started going down in 2008 I was laid off and still now I am putting my 100% efforts in organizing the Communities. Professionally I have been involved in American Politics and currently I am the National Chaiman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus [16] and as well as the Chairman of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus [17]. Recently I am in the race of 2010 USA Election. I am running for House of Representatives [18] in the Missouri General Assembly [19]. I am a democratic candidates for this US Election. I beleive my professioanlism and my leadership skills brought me up here in very short period of time and I am really ready to run a public office in the United States of America.

Besides my Political activities I am the Elected President of Loma Vista West Town Houses INC [20]. I am one of the Board member of Kansas City Property Maintenance Appeals Board [21]. This position is a Mayoral appointment and I am serving on a 4 years term till 2012. I am also the the President of North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB-USA) and serving the diverse community at large. I am also the Executive Secretary of PTA (Parents Teachers Association) of Santa Fee Elementary of Hickman Mills School District. Currently I am working on "Tony Singh Bill" - a legacy of Tony Singh [22] which will help us creating a safe community in the great state Missouri and other states. I am helping the Community to get back on track. The great Bannister Mall area of south Kansas City [23] project is gaining a lot of momentum for my involvement.

I am glad that I am involve in many different projects and I have a dream to be a class one citizens of the United States of America and be a role model for generation after me.


(1) High School  : Khulna Zilla School, Khulna, Bangladesh (1990)

(2) Intermediate  : Government B. L (Brojoloal) University College (1992)

(3) Bachelor of Science Honours in Botany  : Govt. B.L University College (1996), Khulna, Bangladesh

(4) Bachelor of Arts in Political Science  : Govt. B.L University College, (1997), Khulna, Bangladesh

(5) 2- Years of Law School (Did not Finish)  : City Law College, (1997-98), Khulna, Bangladesh

(6) Masters of Science in Military Science  : University of Rockville, (2005), Maryland, USA

(7) Military Corrospondence Courses  : 625 Hours of Military Correspondence Courses Via US Army Tranning Courses

(8) MBA in MIS (Masters of Information System)  : University of Phoenix, (2007), Arizona, USA

(9) M. A in Mathematics Education & Certification : University of Missouri Kansas City (Fall -2010), MIssouri, USA

My Interests

Many of my few interests are as follows

  • Community work,
  • Public Relationship and Public Speaking [24]
  • Non-Profit Organization,
  • Political Participation,
  • Social Engagement and
  • Cultural Activities.


Among my all professional interests the Political Participation is number #1 that I always put it a the top most of my professional Interest. As a Politician [25] I beleive in Community work and public relationship. The Community work and the public relationship almost always is a non-profitable achievement under non-profitable organizations [26]. Social engagement and Cultural activities bring the professionalism in a higher scle. I am very much interested building a new community with the empowerment of active engagement of all the above mentioned professional interests that motivates me and allow me to be dedicated and finally be sucessfull. My best motivation is to be a class -1 Citizens and be a Role model [27]. While I am involved in Politics [28] I am an Educators who is very much involved building our future generation by providing quality Education. In the 2010 Missouri Democratic Mid-Term Primary I was elected as the 26 Ward Democratic Committeeman on August 3, 2010. [29]


I have many personal interests. I am involve in both indoor and outdoor sports. I play Basketball [30], Volleyball [31], Badminton [32], Ping Pong (Table Tennis) [33] as indoor sports. I am also interested playing Chess [34] and Biliard [35]as well. My outdoor sports including Socer, American Football, Biking, Hicking, Camping, Running on Track, Swimming and Travelling.

Writting Journals, Blog Blogging and editing news papers are part of my professional interests. I am involved in Facebook [36] and my user's account canbe found here [37], Yahoo [38] IM [RABBITULI00@YAHOO.COM], MSN Messenger (Hotmail) [39] [RABBITULI00@HOTMAIL.COM], My Space, Flicker, Twitter, Linkedin, NetLog, Googletalk and Skype [RABBITULI00] as well as. All my social media involvement is as personal as Professional and my ID is "RABBITULI00" EXCEPT TWITTER which is "MD4MO" [40] - for my twitter account.



Pic: MD Alam[41] / MD Rabbi Alam[42]
National Chairman,
US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (US-NDPAAC)[43],
Missouri House of Representatives, US Election 2010 [44],
State Chairman,
Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC) [45]

MD Alam's Current Projects - 2010

MD Alam's Current Projects[46]
MD Rabbi Alam's Current Project[47]

Priject # 1

"The Tony Singh Bill"[48] NBC Action News: Tony Singh Bill KCTV 5- Chanell 5 Kansas City: [49] [50]

Currently as I am working on Tony Singh Bill I like to share this Tony Singh Bill as my first and top most Projects. Tony Singh [51] was a 35 years old man got Robbed, Gunned Downed and Murdered in a 7-Eleven store while working in his very last shift. On March 17' 2010 Tony Singh was killed in the convienent store even after giving the money only $72.00 the Robber killed him with bloddy non-scence reasons. Tony was working in the 7-Eleven store as his part time job and he was going to start his next new full time job in the next day, but the last shift job took his Amnerican Dreams and his life and left tow young children behiend. Who is responsible to raise thses two kids Sonny (11) and Simran (9)? who will provide the support and family values to thses innocent kids?
Friends, Families and co-workers all are very shocked and hurts with this incident of Tony's death. As a friend of Tony Singh after his death we are trying to establishing his (Tony) Legacy in the state of Missouri as well as push forward to the United States of America. After Tony's death we found that the business corporation and the employer did fail to provide safety and security of Tony's life and as well as many more. Now as a community we are pushing for a new law to the Missouri General Assembly to make Tony Singh Bill as a State law which will help and guide the Retail business employees to making sfer working environment.

Here is the details of The Tony Singh Bill[52]:

The Tony Singh Bill

Friends and Family of Tony Singh are requesting and encouraging you to be acknowledged that we are proposing Tony Singh Bill to the Missouri General Assembly as part of Engaging and Creating a Safe Community. Tony Singh Bill is to create safety and security to the employees of Retail Business. "Tony Singh Bill" is to increase the safety and to protect lives of Retail Business employees especially during the dark (night) hours.

E-Sign and Endporsement [53]
KMBC Chanell-9 Kansas City, Missouri, USA [54]

(1) No one works past 10:00 PM Alone,
(2) Bullets Proof Security Glass Installed around the Cashier Station,
(3) Panic Buttons Installed to notify the Police and Law enforcement,
(4) On Site Security Guard Provided,
(5) If none of the above can be done, then the Business MUST be closed by 10 PM.

If you like the ideas and want to support it please visit the Tony Singh Bill web site and do the Endorsement using E-sign and here is the website Tony Singh Bill [55]. Please Help the Team Tony Singh Bill to collect 100,000 Signatures and help to Create a safe Community.

Project # 2

"Creating a Safe Community"

A safe community is very important and we all have to work hard to Creating a Safe Community. As I am residing in Kansas City I want to talk about Kansas City as one of the biggest 18th cities in the United States of America. Kansas City has the histroy of about 250 + some years [56] and it is one of the top cities in the Mid-west and heart land of the United States of America. In the past 10 yeras Kansas City started losing citizens from the urban core of the city and among the top few reasons crime and gangs are significantly high and the viloences are going higher and higher. As far as Government rules and regualtions goes, are fine but our media in Kansas city and the Politicians and Leaderships are not paying attention to the higher crime rate and or may be not publicly announcing our gang, crime and violence problems. However, robbery, shooting, killing and drugs are a everyday matter. If we don't take any action now it will come down and will bite us.

Since the killing and murdering a everyday matter in Kansas City, our elected officials are not worried about it and I really dont know why is that? As a concerned citizen I beleive it is our core responsibilities to be standing against these problems which causing our neighborhood and community at large more dangerous and vulnerable. After I have lost friend of mine named Tony Singh [57], it came to my attention that we do have a lot of crime and gangs problems. As a matter of fact after talking the Law Enforcement aggencies and Police Department I have found that yes we do have problems however we dont have enough resources, we do not have enough police forces that we need as a big city. The 2008 economic recesaion [58] certainly we are hurting our economy and we can not effort lossing our police forces on the other hand the gangs, drugs, gun shooting, killing, murdering, robbery and all the violences are just increasing in a higher rates. My question who is responsible for this problems?

As I beleive Neighborhood safety first and Creating a safe community is a must duty for us as a community that's why we the citizens of South Kansas City have pledge our support and are ready to clean up the above mentioned issues and problems. Along with the citizens I personally endorsed this project Creating a Safe Community and I am working day out day in to make a community based engaged effort to Creating a Safe Community starting here in Kansas City and then move all the way up to state wide.

Project # 3

BannisterKC.Com[59]: Economic Development - Creating Small Business - Bring New Jobs


Bring Back Bannister - is a projects dedicated to creating a csafer Community with Economic Development in the South Kansas City area in Kansas City Missouri in the United States of America. As you are visiting here please let us know what ideas do you have concerning the development and re-vitalization of former Bannister Mall area. We like to see our bannister area must reach the development that as community we deserved. We like to see that our community and neighborhood get better. We like to see the increasement of our real-estate values. We like to see Economic Development in our district. We like to see possitive, brilliant and intellectual improvement of our Retail and Small Businesses. We like to see our Bannister area REVIBE. So please help us and dont hesitate to contact with us and we like to webcast your Audio/Video interviews and your testimony at the Citizen's Corner. If you want to see Citizen's Testimony please click here[61]: Citizen's Corner [62] or go the Citizen's Corner .

As a concerned citizen with focusing on Re-vitalization of Bannister area I have been meeting with many local leaderships including Politicians, Inter-faith Leaderships, Community Organizers, Elected Officials, the Property Developer Lane 4 as well as investors, Business Owners and different Chamber of Commerce in the region. The BannisterKC.Com is a project engaging the citizens and a positive catalyst of Marketing our community in term of focusing revibing South Kansas City along with Public Transportation such as light rail or even accessible bus services. Thank you so much for your support and Endorsement of Team Bring Back Bannister. If anyone like to endorse the BannisterKC.Com Project please share your ideas, comments, concerns and you can do that here [63] also if anyone wants to get involved the BannisterKC.Com project then sign up here [64].

Project # 4

Town Hall Meeting for Tony Singh Bill

Tony Singh Bill Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled on June 26th, 2010 Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Noon). The Town Hall Meeting will take place in the BluFord Public Library in the Mid-Town in Kansas City. The Address of the BluFord Public Library is 3050 Prospect Avenue which is the Cross Street of Prospect Avenue and 30th Street. The Link for NBC Action News of Kansas City Chanell 41 [65]. The Link for the Town Hall Meeting in the KMBC - Chanell 9 in Kansas City [66]. The Mayor of Kansas City and other elected officials are invited to join the Town Hall Meeting and the Signature Drive will be taking place as well as. Please Join with MD Alam to the Tony Singh Bill Town Hall Meeting.


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