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Contact-new.svg David Bowman
Website:Holistic Healing Center
Nationality:UK, Canada
Country:UK, Canada
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Since joining IBM UK in 1966 I have been fortunate to have had progressively exciting challenges in both Europe and North America around ICT and Education with recent emphasis on three successful startups in the last two decades. These ventures allow me the freedom to travel far and wide while continuing to act as co-founder/ Chief Technical Officer as various global development teams are nurtured in North America, India and Europe for the foreseeable future.

My experience to date has been primarily related to educating others in technology fields as diverse as Airline reservations, Music On Demand, Secure Encrypted Banking, Passive Optical Networking using wavelength division multiplexed Fibre optic cable, Audio/Visual High Definition conferencing over IP networks plus hybrid distributed broadband Optical Wireless Mesh Area Networks designed with the support of several unusual high profile stakeholders.

Like many others here in WE I subscribe to the notion of continual change management. I feel this to be an essential core ingredient of the work we must do together. Web 3.0 project management is what I do, using novel server architectures and internetworked infrastructure since as a global team player, a high level of coordination and collaboration management have been my primary goals in life.

I have specialized expertise in Organizational Design & Cohesive Team Development, building sustainable projects around Web 2.0 collaborative online communities. By combining Skype, WiZiQ, WikiEducator, Ning, Blogger, Joost, Wetpaint and GoogleDocs we can all build a comprehensive Web 3.0 toolkit. I find that anyone can build Web 3.0 social networking frameworks as part of new business models. WE is evolving a strategy over time for achieving life long learning in both educational institutions that go well beyond K thru 12 and 21st century corporations that all imply the education of global teams in real time.

I look forward to participating with you all on a daily basis as we each evolve a strategy to add our content to WikiEducator and as you and I learn the ropes and syntax of WE from our mentors, Wayne, Nellie and Patricia.

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Holistic Healing Center

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Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among our returning troops in 2009.


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(Comment.gif: Hi David, Great start. I am looking forward to your introduction and input in the discussion forum. --Nellie Deutsch 22:20, 23 November 2008 (UTC)) (Comment.gif: David, you can take a look at the images available from the log/list of uploads. --Nellie Deutsch 12:30, 3 December 2008 (UTC) )

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