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Contact-new.svg Rose Taufa Kuluka
Employer:Tonga Side School
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My Profile

My name is Rose Taufa Kuluka. I am a Tongan citizen from the Kingdom of Tonga which is also known as "THE FRIENDLY ISLAND". I am employed by the Ministry of Education as a Teacher and currently teaching at Tonga Side School. I teach Geography (Social Science) and English for the Secondary Level. I am so glad that I and everyone else will be able to meet,share and use ideas contributed by all of us through this amazing program, Wiki Educator.

My Interests

As an Educator, I am very much interested in sharing my experiences and learning about other educators experiences, everything they know and what they would like to share. I would then be able to reflect back on my teaching and very much learn from it. Personally, I love singing and listenrning to music, meeting people and getting to know them,and very much enjoy playing games and outdoor activities as.

My Content Contribution

The title of my content contribution is "ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF A TONGAN HOUSE (FALE)"

Tongan House: Advantages and Disadvantages From WikiEducator Jump to: navigation, search

Before Development and Westernization made its way into the islands of Tonga, the people of the island did find a way to shelter them from the heat of the sun, rain, cold breeze at night and other natural hazards. They build up something and called it a Tongan House, which was a Fale Hunuki. They saw that they can improve it, and they did. There were more Tongan Fale build,one after another, after improving it to be more stronger, to maintain the hazards they faced. But eventhough there were changes of house type but the materials used were the same, which was obtained locally. So there were changes to make the Tongan Fale more stronger but still there were still weaknesses.

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