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Contact-new.svg Julius Sakala
Website:My Sandbox
Employer:Kalingalinga Youth Resource Centre
Other roles:Peer Educator/Project Coordinator for Y-DEC
Country:Zambia Zmflag.gif
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My Sandbox



Julius Sakala was born in the 1st Quarter of the 1980s',He is the first born son from the family of 7(seven).Having the energy to master and move he likes Traveling and learning at new technologies. At the age of Seven He Started his primary education at Lusaka Boys basic School that was in 1992. In 1998 he wrote his Grade seven Exams and Qualifies to go to Grade Eight at Northmend Basic School that was in 1999, in 2000 he sat for his junior secondary school exams and Qualified to go to senior secondary school in 2001. He completed his secondary education in 2003 at Jacaranda High School.Went for some training in Information Communication Technology. After school he engaged himself in youth work, did some training in Peer Education and life Skills,First aid, livelihood training and Entrepreneurship to help his fellow youths


MAny people may feel and think of this Guy as self centered guy. But when you look at me what do you think? While if you think, ask yourself. What is the greatest thought you have ever thought? Then listen to the silence,

Precisely what you need to know is that I am a proud guy who really believe in my feelings, thoughts or in general myself, this is because I always do my own things and I am not in this world to live up to someone’s expectations but Gods. I am a strong believer in helping other people especially those who believe in things getting done. I am one person who is not easy to anger and understanding, I like to help my fellow youths in terms of Academics, Careers and Social Welfare. I am one person who believe in hard work and success. I am glad with what I do; everything I have acquired is for the betterment of me and others. The decisions I make I don’t regret because they come from deep inside me. I believe in making dreams come true. A good look around me is not an opportunity for you to brag at me, it’s for me to vibe you and really love you from the deepest of my heart. Many are times when people are jealous of the things I do but all I do is help them how they may make the best out of it. The little knowledge I have acquired I share it with others. If I am nervous about something I want to do I always pray. The great thing about prayer is that it is a direct line- no per-second billing, no network down and most of all no subscriber unavailable! I am a deep believer in Jehovah God and Jesus Has never bang up on me yet! The confidence I have comes from to things: the first one being ground work or Skill. The other thing is passion. When you are passionate, you are driven and when you are driven, you are confident and you excel.

Mr Steven J Taguma is a lecturer at kalingalinga youth resource centre.He hold a Diploma in Timber Vocations from City and Guilds,London, Diploma in Tectnical Teaching from University of Zambia and a Craft Certificate from Exammination council of Zambia.Mr Taguma has served in the feild of construction and teaching youths in life skills.

Mr Taguma has a passion of seening that the quality of his workmanship as well as that of his trainees is up to international standered.

The reason for attending this workshop is to learn the use of WikiEducator to make words bold,italic,headings in different sizes,this is done by


I am an Information and Communication Technology, Life Skills, communication Skills, Entrepreneurship and Family Life Education Instructor at Kalingalinga Youth Resource Centre/ Peer educator in Envoronmental issues with Y-DEC. I have been working for the Centre for the past two years age.


My passions ranges from:

  1. learn more on Networking
  2. Computer Software and Hardware Maintenance
  3. Designing
  4. Publishing
  5. Software development.


The reasons for attending this workshop are:

  • To learn more about Open Education resources an
  • To be able to access services that are offered by WikiEducator.
  • To learn how this programme may help me fellow youth in term of Academics,Careers and Social Welfare.


Ruth Chungu She is an instructor in Enterprenuership Development Programme She is a Diploma holder in Marketing