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Demo Course

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Learn about the concepts of open educational resources, copyright and Creative Commons open licenses to achieve more sustainable education for all.

Register Review Study
Step 1: Register to receive course announcements via email. We recommend that you register selected social media accounts to interact with fellow learners using your own preferred tools. If you are planning to consider certification for participation, you should register these accounts before you start the course. You can also update your links or unsubscribe from the registration page.
Step 2: Explore the course website to find out what is required on this course, where the course materials, assessments and schedule are located. Click on the tree icon in the menu bar accessible from every page for a summary of the course structure with corresponding quick links . Complete your orientation by establishing your own learning environment and declare yourself to the group.
Step 3: Commence your study from the learning console which is the launch pad and hub of activity for your OERu learning journey. Bookmark this page. Here you will find copies of the course announcements, a summary of the schedule and timeline of interactions with fellow students.