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My Profile


Hi,My name is Jeeva Susan Abraham.

I am pursuing BSc(H) in Zoology from Acharya Narendra Dev CollegeANDCollege(University of Delhi).

I have done my schooling from Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Pushp Vihar.

Date & Time : 7, December 2022 10:11

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About me

Teddy beddy.jpg

I am an Indian belonging to God's own country that is Kerala, though born and brought up in Delhi. I always had a keen interest in biology stream,that is why I have taken ZOOLOGY as my main subject, and it was entirely my descision for which I am proud of now, as my parents were always by my side.And also by God's grace,I am doing good at my studies.I like gathering and sharing knowledge.

My best friends in college are PayalBarbie.jpg,Srinwanti,Prajna and Asha.

I am a constant learner,good listener and deep thinker.I like to associate myself to various social causes.I believe hard work is the only key to success.

I appreciate friendship.




Correct.pngMy strengths

I believe in myself and other than that my strength lies in God and my family.

Correct.pngMy weaknesses

I am sometimes overambitious.I tend to expect the same from others,what I do for others.I Cant see anyone cry.

My College


About my college, its like writing about my home. The teachers as well as students here are very hard working in their own respective fields. They are very helpful.Teachers are always there for us, they are very well educated and believe in working as a family.The teacher-student gap is almost diminished here.

L4C-small.pngDefinition of TEACHER


T=A teacher is a person,who can TOLERATE noise of the students.

E=A teacher is a person, who can ELATE his/her students.

A=A teacher is a person, who ADVISE his/her students to do good.

C=A teacher is a person ,who is CANNY to all of his/her students.

H=A teacher is a person,who HARKEN all the questions of his/her students.

E=A teacher is a person ,who sometime EXCULPATE his/her students.

R=A teacher is a person, who is very little RUDE to his/her students.

My Interests

5dff 2.JPG

  • Reading books
  • Net surfing
  • Painting
  • Listening music
  • wikieducator
  • watching TV

ProfInt.pngMy Professional Interests


  1. 'Know your genome'organised by Institute of genomics and Integrative Biology,Human Genome Organisation and council of scientific and Industrial Research,Delhi.
  2. 'WikiEd' organised by commonwealth of learning and Acharya Narendra Dev College,Delhi.
  3. 'Youth development' organised by Tehalka foundation of India,Delhi.


  1. Science meritorious student award from Delhi University,south campussouthdu
  2. Udayan shalini fellowshipsudayancare
  3. We carried out an ecotoxicology project on effect of nicotine and caffeine on aquatic organisms, in the college premises,under the guidance of Dr. Ramkumar.
  4. Got 2nd prize in a painting competition organized by 'Finearts',delhi.


I like mainly south Indian food.Besides that I like chocolates and my favourite fruit is apple,mango and watermelon.



By nature Im very soft and cute so I like soft English, hindi as well as malayalam songs.



My fav cartoon character is Tom n jerry.

Tom and jerry.jpg





Famous quotes that inspire me

  1. Whatever the mind can concieve and believe, the mind can achieve.Dr. Napoleon Hill.
  1. Peace on Earth will come to stay, when we celebrate christmas everyday.Helen Steiner Rice.
  1. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones ,you'll start having positive results.Willie Nelson.

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L4C-small.pngMy wish

  1. is to see world as a more peaceful place to live in.
  2. is to eliminate various social and economic gaps that lives in our society.
  3. is to make others to know the power of unity.

Correct.pngI Would like to share...


LiFE iS Too shorT

grudges are A WaSTE oF PERfeCT HaPPiness

Laugh WheN YoU CAn

apoloGizE wHen YOU sHOUld

aNd lET go of WhaT yoU Cant CHANgE

love deePlY AND fORGIvE qUicklY.

tAKe CHanCes.Give EverYTHing

AND hAvE No REgretS .life is TOO sHOrt To Be

uNhAPPy you haVe To TakE GooD wIth a bAd.

sMile wHEn you're Sad.lOve wHat you Got

...and alWays remEmBer wHAT you Had.

always forgive,NevER forget.

Learn FroM YOUr mistakes, bUt nevER REGRET.



Man and his destiny

play lock and key

The seedling of determination

flowers into success tree.

The substantial comforts will come in many

But ignoring them leads one to his destiny.

Food ,clothes and shelter

are the three human wants.

to get these,he always

works,toils and hunts.

But what man gets for all what man does.

And by virtue of fate ,the color of success fades.

Name ,fame and money is all that man needs.

But no one gets mangoes by sowing neem seeds

Self reliance and hardwork are two

cryptic treasures,of getting success and

failure lie in his own hands.

By trying,he can make huge palace

and cover loose sands,

one who run away from problems and


forever in life will be remembered

by one who is witty.

"man is the master of his own destiny".

Some pics I would like to share...

Some more pics>>

Computers n man!!





Feedback and Notes from my WikiNeighbours

L4C45.pngHi Jeeva, welcome to WikiEducator! I'm your WikiNeighbour. Please let me know how I can help you. Cheers.--Gladys Gahona 12:52, 14 May 2009 (UTC)