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Contact-new.svg José Romão
José Romão
Website:Colégio de Alfragide
Blog:Memórias do Baú
Employer:Colégio de Alfragide, Portugal
Occupation:EFL and German teacher
Languages:Portuguese, English, German, French
Skype address:jcrispimromao
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eL4C33 graduate.

Professional Background

My name is José Romão. I am Portuguese and I live in a town in the outskirts of Lisboa, Amadora. I am an EFL and German teacher, but presently I am in charge of this small private school in Alfragide. I have been teaching or working on related functions for the last 32 years. In the last decade I realized the importance technologies have been gaining in our society and the poor job schools have been doing to integrate them in the classroom (in my country). That is the main reason why I use the web to read, listen, research and get in touch with other realities, so that I may be able to pass the word on to the teachers working in my school.


Degree in Germanic Philology ( 1972-1979 ) at Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa

My Interests

Apart from education, which takes most of my time, since I spend around 10 hours everyday at school, I like nature, gardening, tinkering around farming tools, growing things in my kitchen garden, and so on. But I also like it indoors, I paint, do some sculpting, play the guitar and the piano… In the last 5 years though, my main interest whenever I am home is learning more about web 2.0 tools, work with them, experiment, so that I can pass the knowledge on to my fellow teachers at Colégio de Alfragide.

Professional Interests

I have been responsible for the development of technological implementation at school and I am now responsible for our own LMS platform, Moodle, so I have to be able to use different solutions regarding text, sound, image so that I may be able to help. This is also why I enrolled in M4T-3 and el4c33… I keep a blog of my own, out of grandma’s chest of drawers , my wailing wall, and I also manage two different blogs for a group of children from 5th to 8th grades for Portuguese language development e Connecting in English with other kids. In my strife to make children like writing ( which is a very difficult task in these days ) I created two different pages in wikispaces , one devoted to writing in Portuguese and the other to develop mathematical reasoning asking parents to help their kids solve different maths challenges… Together with a teacherfrom Funchal Madeira, these kids I work with have participated in several joint projects, one to show the multicultural uniquenessof our countries to the world and another one, in the same line to show different aspects of our country, history and culture… And this pretty much sums up my day to day life…

My Sandbox

My sandbox

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