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Jayaeswari Sangaralingam

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Employer:Disted Stamford College Penang
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This is me, Jay, all the way from Penang, Malaysia, sitting here this morning trying to learn something new in life. Guess this is my biggest achievement for the day :-)

What am I doing here? At this moment, being fascinated with the capabilities of WikiEducator. The facilitator is asking us to make our page 'sexy' (this is my term...not his!!) and I am trying to figure out how do I make this page as sexy as it can be :-)

Well...I am trying to make it as interesting as possible...Dr Sanjay (our facilitator) was just standing behind me and I hope he is not reading this....yet! He stressed that we are suppose to write something about my...this is going to be a very very long session coz I know I won't be able to stop.


I am from Penang, born and bred Penangite and I am just so proud of my island. Love this island loads and can't be without going to the beach or seeing the sea for more than a week...eccentric? yeah may be but then again, this is just me!


I believe I am a passionate person....oh..I fall in love with everything...let's list them here:


My biggest love in live is nature; I just simply fall in love with the trees, grass, my mr moon (see how I can take ownership over the moon? that's just me), I love rainbows..till now I jump each time I see rainbows and the times when I get to see multiple rainbows I am the happiest in the world.


I am a big fan of words...anyone who knows me knows how much I love lyrics and poems and just words...I can read novels/story books and cry....I am the one who read Pride and Prejudice like a million times and still can be in love with the words of Jane Austen..


Yes, this is my latest craze...I love blogging...I practically write everything and anything I fancy, found that this is the best way to voice out my opinion openly....

What do I teach?

I am attached to the School of Computer Science in Disted-Stamford College, Penang. My areas are in Database and System Analysis and Design. I can go wild designing systems and connecting databases. Normalizing tables are a favorite past-time

  • Database Design and Development
  • System Analysis and Design
    • UML
    • SSADM
  • E-Business Strategy
  • Management Information Systems


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