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Contact-new.svg Ivy Gordon
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Employer:JET FM & Jeffrey Town Farmers
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About Me

My name is Ivy Gordon, I am a home economics teacher by profession but spend all of my spare time at our community group Jeffey Town Farmers Association (JTFA) which is now the operator of our community radio JET FM. The name is an abbreviation of our group name and we are based in rural Jamaica.

We launched on May 27 2008, and our team of volunteers has gone from strength to strength, we all still need plenty of help. Our station has basic equipment and good dj skills we need help with

  • educational content
  • news gathering
  • outside broadcast etc.
  • We have embarked on our healthly life style programme at 4:30 pm

Wednesday's when one of our grade eleven schoolgirls talks with the local aids counsellor and we have put plans in place for "school time" to start on Saturday's beginning in January at 9am where we will have 40mins of classroom type support in Englilsh and Science.


We also operate a multimedia centre, we have a compost making facility and we raise poultry as well as general crops. We previously grew bananas as our staple crop, but the frequency of the recent hurricanes has forced us to change to tree crops as we have had three years of losses due to the extreme weather conditions.

We are the hosts of our Parish's annual breadfruit festival, and we recieved the national Michael Manley award for community self reliance in 2006.


During December we were able to secure the services of Kevin Wallen's SET Foundation[[1]] [[2]] 14 of us participated in a six day training process for team building and personal development.Our group had four adults and ten youth members from age 14 to 25.

It was a taxing process that required for three of the days a restrictive diet and seclusion from the media as well as the usual people we associated with, for periods we had to be silent. We received motivational talks, listen to inspirational music and participated in psychological games, but there is where the regular departed and we ventured in to the unknown.

Kevin and his team used a unique set of techniques to encourage us to share our experiences and offered counselling for those in need as well as a special brand of release therapy.

As a group we have bonded in a way that we had never expected and individually the majority of us have been able to set aside burdens allowing us to strive for our true potential. At the end of the process we formed ourselves into the JET SET, an abbreviation of both our names, and put a new structure in place to run the multimedia facility and radio station, those of us who took part in the training form the majority of the executive and we have been charged to gradually invite members from the community.

If you are involved in community work, and especially if you work with young people this is something you need to seek for your group, the process as well as the follow up training.

Request for Assistance

  • Are you interested in helping us develop media skills?

If you feel you could assist and were able to offer three month or more of voluntary service to our station please send an email to

  • I'd be interested if someone could help with recommending a good source to purchase a radio tower as our MP is offering to assist the station with an upgrade from the current short antenna.

We now stream at [[3]] We feature programmes we have made ourselves on matters relevant to the lives of people living in our communities, we were helped in this process by the training activities mentioned below. This has ,led to our Multimedia Centre being awarded 'Best In Caribbean" for Innovations in Operation at the CTA, Taiguey Foundation competition hosted in Dominican Republic April 2011 [[4]]

JET FM operates from 6am to 10pm daily.

  • OER Converting your vinyl records to digital.

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Link to new training activities at JTFA The training preliminary report is here