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'''AI to solve the world's Challenges'''

Using artificial intelligence to make the world a better place.

There are many issues that could be solved with the use of AI. Problems ranging from Energy Efficiency, Environment, Transportation, Fodd and water, Disease and Human Suffering, Education and many others. The possibilities are endless.

Many artificial intelligence projects are working to solve a lot of the problems we face.

AI computer science.jpg

The first one is Comma.AI

I have been following George Hotz and his creations for a while now even though he went MIA for a bit. He has been extremely creative with his projects and has always excelled at pushing technology. Back when he was 17 he was able to crack the career locked iPhone and later the ps3 which he got in a lot of trouble for and because of a lawsuit he promised to never hack any Sony consoles.

One of his recent projects is The world of autonomous driving is expanding and for a good reason. Over 90% of the crashes are caused by some type of human error. Tesla is a big player in the world of autonomous driving and recently Google has been trying to get involved with Waymo. George has created a device that learns from driving patterns of people and is able to convert cars into fully autonomous vehicles using the inbuilt cruise control system. His goal is to achieve level 4 autonomous driving which is cars driving without any need for human help. After his deal with Tesla did not go through he decided to make the project open source and after getting through some legal issues he is able to sell his device on his website.

The software is not perfect but it learns from its mistakes and is able to recognize human driving patterns. The device itself is very cheap and is supported on may cars already. The more people use it the better it gets and the closer we get to achieving fully autonomous vehicle and fewer lives are lost due to car crashes.

CIMON a companion for an astronaut.

CIMON is still in development but is still the very first AI robot to ever go to the space station.

Astronaut Philip K Chapman.jpg

Astronauts have to complete many difficult jobs and Crew Interactive Mobile Companion or CIMON for short will be there to help them. The robot is equipped with facial recognition so is able to know who he?/she?/it? Is talking to.   Its able to fly around in the spaceship and astronauts are simply able to ask him for his help on certain experiments. This is just the beginning of companion robots. Things always start out for a big purpose before they make it to the general public. The Internet was developed for the Military and the GPS was also made for the military but now we all have access to it. It won’t be far until every person has their own companion robots that are able to help them out on their day to day tasks making our lives easier.

AI in Agriculture!

The recent interest in AI has created an endless possibility for every field and agriculture is not getting left behind.  There are a ton of different technologies being developed to help with humans with their agricultural tasks such as harvesting crops. Ones fully developed the robots are going to be able to monitor the crops and the soil, analyze and predict environmental impacts on the crop yield. They will also be able to recognize unwanted plants and remove them so the crop gets all the nutrients it needs. This is just the beginning of the development of new AI technology as it progresses forward you can even expect fully autonomous farms that produce way more food then we have every done without us having to do a single thing.

These are only a few of the issues that are being solved by AI right now but the possibilities are infinite. Any issue you can think of can be solved by developed AI. I think when we rea AI is as intelligent as a human being AI will be able to better itself and that can allow us to throw any of our problem at and it would come up with may possible solutions. Which then we can decide to implement to solve our problems.

There is also another problem with AI people like to think that AI is dangerous and will eventually take away people’s jobs. However, that is not the case AI taking over our tasks just means that we have better things to do and work on other types of technology. We have not had to adapt to a single thing in our recent human history. If we don’t like something we end up changing it. Advance AI might be the only thing that requires us to adapt to it and take on newer and bigger tasks.

Best Sources

1. Introduction

1. Sustainable Devlopment Goals [link]

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. With anything its important to have goals and milestones to really know if you are making progress. This allows us to understand how much progress we have made and how much we still need to do.

2. Pubmed Etsimo Search Engine

The search engine that uses a combination of intelligent search engine and an interactive visual interface to make browsing the web easier. Great way to search for topics as it allows the user to search for something and also display closely related things to it that they might be interested in.

Best: Sustainable Development Goals - I think its important to understand our goals if you want a better future for the world. The better we understand what is it that we are trying to do its a little easier to understand how we should do it.

2.Privacy & Freedom of Speech

1. Privacy concerns in the digital world

[Link] Really good article that goes over different types of privacy and the core question if privacy is a right or a social construct.

2. European General Data Protection

[Link] The European General Data Protection Regulation set a new standard for data collection. storage and usage among companies that operate in Europe. It changes the way companies handle consumer privacy.

Best: Privacy Concerns In The Digital World - Its really important to understand the different types of privacy and also why privacy is not a social construct but a right and to answer questions like Why should we not give up our privacy?

3. Intellectual Property

1. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

[Link] DMCA is an act put in place by President Bill Clinton to improve copyright laws. The DMCA act was too strict and later revisions were made to allow specified exceptions, such as encryption and security research.

2. Fair Use

[Link] Fair use promotes freedom of expression. It allows unlicensed use of copyright work if made changes to it. It is important for everyone to understand what fair use is to have access to creative freedom and also to not get your work stolen by others.

Best: Fair Use - I think it is important that everyone understands the laws around fair use as it allows you to work on something that someone else has worked on. Knowing the Fair Use laws are also important so you can figure out if someone else has stolen your work.

4. Crime

1. How Computers are used to help commit Crimes

[link] Electronic devices and personal computers have been used as portals of information and ways of communicating. However, there and many individuals throughout the world who have utilized these machines for committing crimes.

2. I've Been Hacked! What You need to do fast.

[Link] The site gives you steps you need to take if you think you have been hacked. From changing your passwords to resetting your pc all the way to removing your OS and doing a clean install are all some good ways to protect yourself. But which one to pick in which situation?

Best: I've been hacked: This article gives good information on what to do if you think you have been hacked as these situations can be unexpected and really stressful. Everyone should know the basic steps to have secure online experience.

5. Employment, Education, and Entertainment

1.Assistive Technology

[Link] Assistive technology can help students with a certain disability to learn more effectively. Some assistive technology devices can be very simple and some can be extremely advanced. They are all based on the person's needs.

2. How to Study for Online Courses

[Link] The environment at school and at home is very different. At school people's main objective is to learn but at home life can get in the way of studying. How to ensure that you are utilizing online classes to help you study better and at your own pace.

Best: How to study for Online Courses: Online Courses are a great tool for people with busy schedules to continue their education but sometimes it can be hard to learn because of the environment. This article helps you get started so you can make sure that you can learn from an online course while staying fully focused.

6.Grand Challenges

1. Pollution

[Link] Air pollution is a big problem in urban cities. In some areas, the air quality is so bad that it is considered unhealthy for humans. The article goes over some of the ways we can reduce air pollution. From ways to contributing less to the pollution to the ways of taking the pollution out of the air.

2.NAFSA - Global Learning

[Link] An education ground in global learning provides a deeper perspective by considering and evaluating our interconnected social, political and cultural systems. NAFSA offers international educators worldwide range of programs focused on global learning.

Best: Pollution - The problem of pollution is getting bigger and bigger It is important to understand how we can reduce pollution and slow down or stop global warming. Global warming is a dangerous thing that can throw us into a global crisis.

7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

1. Stock Market Game

[Link] - Stock Market Game is a simulation game to connect students to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning. Everybody knows of the stock market but not everyone exactly knows how it works. It is important to understand something that has a major contribution to the world economy.

2.10 Ways The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

[Link] Internet is a big part of our lives and it is important to see and understand how it has affected us and how it will affect us in the future. This video is a good way to see things that we used to do differently before the internet existed it makes you think what will we do differently in the future that we now do every.

Best: Stock Market Game - A great tool to understand and learn how the stock market works how to invest money and things that you should do while investing and things that you shouldn't do.

8. Risk, Failure, and Responsibility

1. Advantages of Computers in Medicine Today

[Link] Computers are beneficial to doctors right now and they will only become more useful. Doctors use computers to keep records of patients tests and are also used in treatments like X-rays and MRI. In the future doctors will be able to compare patients data to big data sets to figure out what exactly is the problem with the patient's health.

2. Hour Of Code

[Link] Great tool for anyone to get started with coding from kids to adults. Anyone can step into the field with just a click of a button and for completely free. In the age of computers, it is important to understand how they work and how they process information.

Best: Hour of code. Great way to get started with coding if you absolutly have no idea what coding is about. It is important that everyone at least possess at least the basic knowledge of code as computers are implemented everywhere in our lives.

9. Anytime, Anywhere

1. Realistic Game Avatar

[Link] Realistic animation rigs take a lot of time and money to make. iPhone's new AR emoji has made it easier for the game developers and animators to make realistic looking animated characters without using too much money and time.

2. MIT Open Courseware

[Link] MIT provides videos and course material of their classes online for completely free. These free open courses allow more and more people to learn and get higher education. Not everyone is able to afford college but that does not mean that they do not need college.

Best: MIT Open Courseware: College education is important and open courses like MIT open courseware allows people to get education that they need without having to pay a lot of money. These classes also allow people to learn at their own pace if they have a busy work schedule.

10. Technology Advance, Social Trend

1. Opus 12

[Link] A profitable solution to carbon emissions Opus 12 Invented a device that recycles CO2 into chemicals and fuels using only water and electricity. Water and electricity are resources that are available and are environment-friendly. Using these two resources to make more fuel could reduce carbon emissions.

2. Quantum Computing

[Link] With the current technology computer processors are reaching near their speed limits you can tell this by looking at each new generation of processor's performance improvement and their cost. Quantum computers could one day provide a breakthrough in many disciplines like artificial intelligence as they are extremely fast and able to compute a lot of data at once.