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(Comment.gif: Hi Glenroy. This is a great work for a first timer. Keep going. You are on your way to becoming a skilled WikiMaster I fixed the template which was covering the infobox. See how I have done it looking at the "Edit" button. Warm regards --Patricia 19:59, 25 February 2009 (UTC))
List of Assignments
My sandbox

Contact-new.svg Glenroy Boatswain
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Look inside the ball

I am not ashamed of the Gospel. Romans 1.16

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The following is a list of my objectives

  1. To learn more about me
  2. To do online Exams
  3. To visit external sites
  4. To learn how to use wikieducator

About Me

My name is Glenroy Boatswain. I am a teacher at the Anglican High School. It has not been too long for me in the teaching profession but hey its "aight". I must say i Love the Lord. I really do. Yes it may have some ups and downs in this life but hey well get through it. I love computers also they are truly amazing machines. Well im currently involved in a workshop learning about wikieducator. So far its interesting. Lets see what else is in stored. Peace out.
You can check out my sandbox My sandbox
To find out more about me, ensure to visit me at More about Glenroy

I would like you to try to complete the following exam. Click on the link to go to the exam page:

The following refers to a list of Courses that we have to accomplish.


The following is exam papers where u can gain some practice.

Exam Papers

If u have any questions at all. I mean an questions just ask my best friend [1]

This may not seem as a shock to you, but I love to design graphics. These are a few of the designs i created already.

Graphic Styles

Oh yeah one thing i forgot to mention im a Grenadian to the Bone. As Richie Spice once said im Black and im proud and im Proud to be Black. lol

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The following is a List of assignments

  1. Do all homework
  2. Complete all Assignemts
  3. Exam

Check out my country at the Link below.. You'll love it Grenada

For futher information about Grenada, check out