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  • I came to know about WikiEducator through an email from a friend.
  • I saw the poster and registered online for a Workshop at AND College, University of Delhi.
  • I was later told that I was the first person to register :-)
  • I attended the Workshop from October 3 to 5, 2008.
  • I started my page on October 3, 2008.
  • Uploading photos in different ways on my page interested me the most.
  • I started interacting with other Wikieducators in the Google Group.
  • I started enjoying it when I realised that I can help others when they get stuck.
  • I got the Wiki Apprentice Level 2 Certification :-)
  • As a reply I made a presentation and loaded it on my page, on how to upload a ppt.(see presentations below)
  • I got nominated to the Interim Advisory Board of WikiEducator-India | Click here
  • I participated in the function organised for the formal Launch of WikiEducator-India | Click here
  • At present I am taking an on-line course from Nov.24 to Dec 5, 2008.eL4C15 As the coordinators are Patricia Schlicht & Nellie Deutsch I work in India from 10.30pm to 1.00am every night on my computer. I am enjoying this learning experience.

My WikiEducator Landmark Dates

  • October 3, 2008 - I started my page.
  • October 3 to 5, 2008 - I attended F2F Workshop.
  • October 8, 2008 - I got the Wiki Apprentice Level 2 Certification :-)
  • Nov.24 to Dec 5, 2008 - Online workshop eL4C15
  • November 28, 2008 - My page added to 2.8.2 section of Workshop for adding colours to page.
  • November 30, 2008 - I got the WikiBuddy Certification from Patricia Schlichit  :-)
  • December 9, 2008 - Got the UPE award for page of the month December. Appeared on WikiEducator Main Page.
  • December 15, 2008 - Nominated to the Interim Council of WikiEducator India Chapter.
  • March 24, 2009 - I got the WikiArtisan Certification from Patricia Schlichit  :-)
  • May 1, 2009 - I am the Featured WE on the WikiEducator-India Main Page.