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January 12,13 & 15, 2009 - Confirmed Participants (30F/1M)

Dr. Gita Mathur Gita Female Botany, Gargi College (University of Delhi) Reader in Botany/ Workshop Convener and Facilitator User:Gita_Mathur Facilitator

Dr. B.Vaijayanthi Vaijayanthi Female Chemistry, Gargi College (University of Delhi) Reader in Chemistry/ Workshop Coordinator User:Bvaijayanthi Signed
Dr. Sheela K.S. Sheela Female Physical Education, Gargi College Reader in Physical Education, Member Workshop Organizing Committee User:Sheelaks Signed
Dr. Aparajita Mohanti Aparajita Female Botany, Gargi College Lecturer in Botany, User:Aparajita Signed
Arshmeet Kaur Arshmeet Female Mathematics, Gargi College Reader in Mathematics, Member Workshop Organizing Committee User:Arshmeet_Kaur Signed
Romita Popli Romita Popli Female Commerce, Gargi College Lecturer in Commerce, Member Workshop Organizing Committee User:Romita_Popli Signed
DR. SANGEETA JERATH Sangeeta Female Commerce,Gargi College Reader User:Sangeeta_Jerath Signed
DR. PROMILA KUMAR Promila Female Maths,Gargi College Reader User:Promilakumar Signed
DR. GEETA KICHLU Geeta Female Commerce,Gargi College Reader User:Geetakichlu Signed
BHAWANA KAPOOR Bhawana Female Maths,Gargi College Sr. Lecturer User:Bhawna_Kapoor Signed
SIMONA AGGARWAL Simona Female Maths,Gargi College Lecturer User:SimonaAggarwal Signed
POOJA GUPTA Pooja Female Maths,Gargi College Lecturer User:Pooja_Gupta Signed
DR.GEETA SIDHARTH Geeta Female Commerce,Gargi College Reader User:GeetaSidharth Signed
MANJU SAHAI Manju Female Commerce,Gargi College Reader User:Manjusahai Signed
DEEPTI SINGHAL Deepti Female Mathematics,Gargi College Lecturer User:Deeptisinghal Signed
C.M.UPADHYE Chandraprabha Female Mathematics,Gargi College Reader User:c_upadhye Signed
DR. KIRAN PRABHA Kiran Female Botany,Gargi College Reader User:Kiran_Prabha Signed
DR. PRIYANKA KAPOOR Priyanka Female Botany,Gargi College Lecturer User:Priyanka_kapoor Signed
DR. POOJA GULATI Pooja Female Microbiology,Gargi College Lecturer User:Pooja_Gulati Signed
DR. ALKA GARG Alka Female Physics,Gargi College Reader User:Alka_garg Signed
DR. SUPREETI DAS Supreeti Female Physics,Gargi college Reader User:sdas Signed
DR. GEETA MEHTA Geeta Female Botany,Gargi College Reader User:Geetamehta Signed
DR. SHASHI CHAWLA Shashi Female Microbiology,Gargi College Reader User:Shashi_Chawla Signed
DR. MINAKSHI SHARMA Meenakshi Female Chemistry,Gargi College Reader user:Minakshi Signed
SHEELA DUBEY Sheela Female Commerce,Gargi College Sr.Lecturer User:Sheela_dubey Signed
SHREENIWAS TYAGI Shreeniwas Male Hindi,Gargi College Lecturer User:S n tyagi Signed
DR.JUDITH LEISAN Judith Female Botany,Gargi College Lecturer User:Leisanjudith
Dr.Preeti Pant Preeti Female Psychology,Gargi College Reader User:preetipant Signed
Sapna Jain Sapna Female Commerce,Gargi College Lecturer User:sapnaj Signed
DR.Pooja Baweja Pooja Female Botany,Gargi College Lecturer User:Poojabaweja Signed
Deepika Kakkar Deepika Female Commerce,Gargi College Lecturer User:Deepikakakkar Signed
REEMA DEHAL Reema Female Deptt. of Commerce, Daulatram College, Delhi University Lecturer User:Reema_Dehal Signed