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"You can teach a student a lesson for a day;but if u can teach him to learn by creating curiosity,he'll continue the learning process as long as he lives."Clay P. Bedford

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Occupation:Student, Zoology
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My name is Fariha!!

About myself


I'm a very cute little doll.I love masti.Once u no me u can"t forget me i"m that kinds.CHALLENGE.I'm fun loving and full of me or hate me i don't care. Read dis "Why ponder thus d futurr 2 forsee And jade thy brain to vain perplexity? Cast off thy care,leave Allah's plans 2 him He formed dem all without consulting thee" Destiny & fate r lik multibrand mall where v r d customers. Life is constantly presenting us vit oppurtunities & options,but dey leave it 2 us 2 decide what works fr u Noting v do is restricted 2 us ourself. It will either blend or disrupt d d world!!

Every thing is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

My belief

From somewhere i've heard dat 1 should strive 2 bcum such a wattering hole frm vere evry creature of our lord can quench d thirst.Truely,its said dat all d creatures in d universe is like d progeny ofAllah,our lord,d benefactor,d munificent.To help any sick or any needy person irrespective of cast,creed,religion is d paramount duty of evry muslim.Tt's reported frm our Prophet(SAW) dat even helping d animal & allevating its pain can leave ones 2 paradise


Acharya Narendra Dev College

I'm Studying in Delhi University am proud of it.....


My college


I likr my college b'coz of its Discipline. Our principal Dr. Savithri Singh is a very active lady. She is my inspirationCorrect.png


My teachers

  • Dr. Sarita- She is a teacher whom i admire & respect a lot!!She is full with motherly love I'm blessed to have a teacher lik her
  • Dr.Monika Misra-She is a My DB teacher a subject i admire a lot. Her ways of teaching is really impressing!!

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My Hobbies



  1. Reading
  2. Writing stories
  3. Speaking
  4. Net surfing

I luv my family Happy belated Mother's Day luv u mummieeeeeee



Experience vit wiki

I'm having a delibhtful experince vit wiki...Hope so!!!!i'll soon upload some useful information I'll will lik 2 grow personally vit dis information. Correct.png


Korganizer.png Ppl have a common feeling in their mind dat working on net is just a timepass.But i completely disagree.. It is how v use a thing is what it becomes 2 us.....

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Know some amazing facts about INDIA please click here Incredible India

India Food

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GM NewTux.svg This is Tux, the logo of Linux & here is a Baby Tux ...Chovynz Baby Tux.png

Ubuntu is a flavour of Linux. To know more about Linux click on Linux

Some contibutions by my "Little sister- Sadiya


Mixed Flowers and a Bear.jpg

  • Miss. PENCIL- Hello, Mr. Sharpener. How are you?
  • Mr. SHARPNER- I am fine. I want to tell you something.
  • Miss. PENCIL- What? What?
  • Mr. SHARPNER- Do you know, I am stronger than you.
  • Miss. PENCIL- You fool, value lies in work.
  • Mr. SHARPNER-Hey, Hey! Without my help you can’t even open your mouth.
  • Miss. PENCIL- Oh, ho! Without me you will be jobless. No one will care for you.
  • Mr. SHARPNER-You proudy! Stop chatting. Otherwise, I will cut you.
  • Miss. PENCIL- I am pretty. Long and colourful. Every child loves me.
  • Mr. SHARPNER-You thin, weak thing.
  • Miss. PENCIL-You short and fat thing, you look so ugly.
  • Mr. SHARPNER-Don’t fight. We are interdependent. Only together we can be of good use and value.
  • Miss .PENCIL- Ok! Now I understand. Let’s be friends



  • Miss. SPOON- Hello, Mr. Fork. How are you?
  • Mr. FORK– Don’t disturb me. I am busy with my work. (Meanwhile he is sharpening the spikes)
  • Miss. SPOON –Fool, you busy for nothing. What job you perform? Except piercing things.
  • Mr. FORK– (Getting annoyed). What you do little thing?
  • Miss. SPOON-Oh! I certainly do better works than you. I can hold many things in my hand. No child can eat her food without my help?
  • Mr. FORK –But no birthday party can be successful without me. Children eat cakes with my help and grownups use me for ravishing chicken tikka.
  • Miss. SPOON –But you cut and pierce. Show me how you can hold any liquid. I help sick people to take medicines.
  • Mr. FORK –Hey Miss! Don’t brag too much. Come near and I will show you my value in a minute. (The Fork moves menacingly towards Miss. Spoon).
  • Miss. SPOON- I am afraid your intentions are not honest.
  • Mr. FORK- Angrily, You crooked lady. I will pierce you blue and black. Don’t try to be over smart.
  • Miss. SPOON- But I don’t like fights.
  • Mr. FORK- Good for your health.
  • Miss. SPOON- I have understood one thing.
  • Mr. FORK - What? What?
  • Miss. SPOON-If we have to do our duty properly so we have to live together.
  • Mr. FORK –That ’good so let be friends.
  • Miss. SPOON-Ok.==

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  • Mr.Vein- Hello miss artery, why are you in hurry?
  • Miss Artery- Don’t disturbs me. I have an important meeting with our boss Mr. Heart.
  • Mr.Vein-You are so proudly. Miss fatty.
  • Miss Artery-Why not, I am very important; I carry pure blood to entire body. I am so beautiful. You blacky!
  • Mr. Vein-Have you forgotten I collect impure blood from each and every part of the body and transfer to Miss Kidney. Without me the blood you carry can never be pure. Huh! Good for nothing.
  • Miss Artery-Don’t fly in air can you tell any quality that is present in you and I don’t have.
  • Mr.Vein-Of course! I flow like a river non stop and you like a rocking horse.
  • Miss Artery-Oh! I am sorry. Now I realize that every one whether black or white fat or thin is important.

Presentation made by my sis!!!

Presentation on life

My college friends


My Page

Exams Tips!! Left



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Tips to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity For u!!




My Gallery

Jaipur Trip

The beatiful Nature God has given us!!!


Feedback and Notes from my WikiNeighbours

L4C45.pngHi Fariha, welcome to WikiEducator! I'm your WikiNeighbour. Please let me know how I can help you. Cheers.--Gladys Gahona 12:54, 14 May 2009 (UTC)