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Country:Germany, USA
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About me

Hi, my name is A. Einstein. I'm a physics teacher. Feel free to visualize my long, white & cool styled hair, and... perhaps a nice moustache. I wish I'd remind you to my famous homonym, what a honor!!

I'm actually a fictitious person created for supporting some e-learning activities, but sometimes I come alive for giving a hand to EL4C Workshops facilitators :)

My Sandboxes

Final Note

I'm working on the improvement of my "weird" English, so I'll deeply appreciate any eventual grammar/style correction you make to my page, remember... It's the wiki way!! Face-grin.svg

Final-Final Note

This my alternate account. It'll be used for some testings and developing tutorials. --Gladys Gahona 19:12, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

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