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Full Name: Kennedy Edwine Onyango

Institution: Community Initiatives and Social Support Organization (CISSO)

Title: Director-in-Charge of Livelihood Support Option Programmes

Address: P.O. Box 337-40305, Mbita, Kenya.


Tel: +254728211759 (Cell)

Background: I am 27 year old, male,Kenyan citizen a graduate of Bsc: Information Systems Management and I have worked as content design and learning materials developer. Over the last four years, I have worked on a number of technology-enabled initiatives using information and communication technologies (ICT's) to provide information access and knowledge sharing platforms on thematic issues like: HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender and Learning for the underserved, rural communities living in the Lake-Victoria basin, Kenya.

My Interests: I am deeply interested in projects/programmes with the potential of linking the underserved, rural and poor communities with opportunities that could enable them escape poverty and build their capacity on alternative livelihood support options.

  1. Livelihood Support Option for the Fisherfolk in Lake-Victoria basin
  2. Lesson1:Diversify Income Sources for the Fisherfolk
  3. Lesson 2:Diversify Livelihood support activities i.e. Livestock Keeping
  4. Lesson 3:Introduce Horticulture activities as a means of increasing income

Modules of Employable Skills (MES):

In a fast changing world, the only means of elliminating poverty and creating equal opportunity for all is the use of technology. In order to survive in the information revolution age we are now in, the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT's) must be fully harnessed and deployed to serve humanity. As educators we have a role to play in regard to content creation, design and learning materials development.

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