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In the previous session we examined learning styles and specific methods, which can be used to maximize learning based on your styles. In this session we will identify some of the skills required by a typical student in order to succeed. Some of the skills make seem obvious but as you complete the study skills inventory provided, you will realize that some of the skills we take for granted are essential for survival in the academic environment.

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After completing this session you should be able to:
  • Identify the study skills which you need to improve;
  • Identify online resources, which can assist you in improving your study skills.

What do we mean by study skills?

Study skills are all those skills, techniques and strategies that help us succeed as students. Some common study skills required at University Level are:

  • Critical Reading
  • Test/ Exam Taking strategies
  • Note Taking
  • Writing Essays and Research Papers
  • Conducting Research
  • Time Management- Most distance education students are working adults with limited time, therefore the skill of time management is recognized as critical. The second part of this course will therefore focus on time management.

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Complete the following:
  • Go to the following site from Ohio University (Copyright © 2008 Ohio University / University College Communications). Try the exercises. You will get feedback, which will help you in preparing for distance learning. 

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This session highlighted some common study skills and required you to identify those study skills, which you need to improve in order to succeed as a student.