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Scirtidae larvae habitus.jpg My place to test the strange, the novel (to me at least), without damaging my content pages :)


Formatting citations

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To insure that a reader can reliably track down the specific book or article you intended, it is useful to provide the following information:

  • Author(s) (last name followed by first initials; secondary authors: initials followed by last name); year; Book title or article title; publisher (for books) or Periodical title (for articles); volume and page numbers (both for articles)

Formatted examples:

  • Brown, M.W. and C. Hurd. 1947. Goodnight Moon. Harper.
  • Bentley, W.A. 1905. Studies of raindrops and raindrop phenomena. Monthly weather review. 32. 450

Once changes have been made, delete the following text: {{citations}}

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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

To Do lists

Tasks for Anthony

  1. Tag and edit video widgets to render in PDFs
  2. Fix the grade 3/4 category list
  3. Update the year category

Long-term tasks

  1. Develop an about this project page
    1. introduction
    2. history
    3. invitation to participate
  2. Upload either Vermont or New England ed standards
  3. Build framework linking from standards to lesson plans
  4. Establish meaningful content and conceptual categories for lesson plans based on ed standards
  5. Category tag lesson plans based on previous to-do item
  6. Consider an image preload page to add SMC image tags, & nowiki instructions on copyright

lake turnover video

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Essentials for new semester

  • Schedule with grade school partners
  • Learning goals from grade school partners
  • Wiki requirements for student teachers based on learning goals

Wish list

    • Cheap digital cameras to produce lo-rez web ready pictures

playing with polls

This is a feature that works on some other wikis and is quite handy. Must remember to lobby Wayne :) <poll>

Have you used wikis before?




<poll> Do you find this wiki format useful Yes No </poll> <poll> Do you you might use wikis with grade school students? Yes No </poll> <poll> If you answered yes to the previous question, at what grade level do you think wikis would be useful 1 2 3 4 5 6 all none


Termite video editing experiment

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links I may use

images in simple English Wikipedia [1]

list of pages I tend to forget about

[print version of BES template]
[images uploaded as part of the BES project]
[BES handouts; overlaps somewhat with images]

About this project draft page

My Biology in elementary schools course provides hands-on teaching experience for our students while providing a service to local schools by supplementing their science curriculum. The format of this collaborative effort is as follows:

  • Collaborating teachers from our partner schools provide a list of learning objectives specific to the needs of their students.
  • Saint Michael's College students develop short lesson plans to address the learning objectives.
  • After dry running the activities in the laboratory for their peers, our students teach their lessons to small groups of grade school students either on our campus or in the classrooms of the partner schools.
  • Our students then reflect on their experience and re-work their lesson ideas in light of their experience working with the children.