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Employer:The Academy of General Education, Manipal, India
Occupation:Professor of English
Other roles:Director, Centre for SRD; Founding Associate, Project Mind Foundation, Israel.
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
Country:India, that is Bharat
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Swaagatam (Oh! My own has come, welcome!)

Homage  |  My Page  |  My Faith  |  Three Debts  |  Four Pursuits  |  Maha Sankalpa

"Getting together is beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success." Rg-Veda.

I am Dr. Ramakrishnan Srinivasan(S.Ramakrishna Sharma), a 52 year old male Indian hailing from the state of Karnataka. I live in the coastal suburb of Suratkal about 18 kms from Mangalore. I have been teaching English as a second language since 1991 in a governement aided college managed by the Academy of General Education, Manipal, Karnataka. I hold Ph.D degree in English Literature (1998) and a Ph.D degree in Sanskrit (2007). I am multilingual and apart from English, I am proficient in Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam. As the Director of the Centre for Spiritual Resource Development (CSRD), I am involved in research studies in Traditional Disciplines such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra. I am one of the founding members of the Project Mind Foundation for realizing Accelerated Thought (as constituted by David S. Devor, Israel).

I discovered the country page for India on WikiEducator and enlisted myself as a WikiAmbassador on 13 April 2008. The following day, I registered for an online Learning4Content workshop. My mission is to share with the world our rich heritage of India, that is Bharat, and this will help fulfill my vision of realizing global human identity as revealed in the living Vedic tradition. I believe that the wiki environment is conducive to achieving the ideals of being human globally.

Details of WE Promotion.

Sri JCBM1.jpeg Sri JCBM2.jpeg Sri JCBM3.jpeg Launch Function.jpeg Rama1Delhi.jpg Rama2Delhi.jpg
L4C-small.png This user is a WE Featured_L4C_Graduate
  • Organized launching of WikiEducator India Team slogan and off line campaign of L4C Workshop on 5th Sept. 2008,on the occasion of Teachers Day at Sri JCBM (Jagatguru Chandrashekhara Bharati Memorial) College, Shringeri, Karnataka . More than 500 students and teachers attended the function. The Prayer Song also was released.(Photos:1,2,3.)
  • Participated in the inaugural function of Chapter India Launch at New Delhi on 15-11-2008 as special invitee.(Photo:4)

Paper on WE in the UGC sponsored seminar in Karnataka

UGC Sponsored State Level Two Day Seminar on New Vistas in the Teaching-Learning of Communicative English was organized at Sri Mahaveera College, Moodbidri, Karnataka on 26-27th Sept. 2008. I have presented a Paper titled "Towards Greater Teacher Empowerment" in which he highlighted the relevant role of WikiEducator Community and it was well received.

"A computer literate, internet enabled teacher is better equipped to create nation-building generation" This slogan inspired me to create a WikiEducator related topic for the doctoral thesis titled ELT Specific Computer Literacy and Internet Enabling : A Study and Survey. The candidate, Sri Naveen( Thenavina ) has registered this title in Dravidian University, A.P., under my guideship.

Global Citizen is one who has the awareness of being human globally and is called Vipra in Sanskrit.

Proper study of the Vedas elevates one to the status of Vipra. So too, a true WikiEducator becomes a Vipra in the above sense.(vishwaprajnavan viprah.)

Marriage as Shakti Worship.jpg
Hindu Marriage is such an occasion in Bharat

Manu Smrti says that "Wherever a woman is adored as Shakti, there all the Devas revel in ecstasy"

"May you be the lamp of the house you enter and may your husband be the fire in you."

Lemon plant.jpg
A friend is called suhrit, meaning good hearted. Many are my such friends

Lemon is called a magic fruit because it is a panacea for many an illness.

One of my friends who likes lemon is a Featured L4C Participant. This plant-picture belongs to: Nellie Deutsch

Contributions towards ODL and OER.

Stepping Stones.jpg

===List of The Cape Town Open Education Declaration.===Here:

Dr S Ramakrishna Sharma, Sri JCBM College, Sringeri (India) It is my (33 from the top) signature.

A click in time opens and saves a file; also enhances the profile.

Click to share;[[1]]and share the click.

My WE Projects

during the academic year 2009-10. The maximum period permitted is 18 months.

Other Resources and Activities

Recently, the former President of India, His Excellency Bharata Ratna Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam visited Sringeri, Karnataka. He inaugurated the Vijnana Utsav (Science Exhibition) in our college. During the occasion I presented a Capsule of Breakthrough Insights into Sanskrit as Research Tool to him. Indeed, Sanskrit ought to be declared as the National Heritage Language of India, that is Bharatam .

Capsule offered.jpeg

Interdisciplinary Studies and Research in Sanskrit

This spiritually rewarding pursuit was started academically in 1991. That was with the maiden Paper presentation on the topic "The Role of Fire in the Sacramental Rituals:Fire as a Metaphor."

My Online Presence

Beyond the product and performance is the Performer, the living conscious spiritual being. Expansion of consciousness through spiritual resources begins with Heritage Awareness.

This Group is an online initiative of CSRD.

"Heritage Awareness makes one an Enlightened Citizen."

India is not merely a geographical area. For those who have the cultural sensitivity and spiritual sensibility, India that is Bharatam reveals the inner spiritual land/mind/spirit/scape. And the scientific heritage of Bharatam belongs to the humankind. Be a global citizen by joining this group.

[Many an article and resources are under preparation.]

My last question: Hey teacher, are you a member of WikiEducators Forum in your region? If not, why don't you? If you don't have , why don't you start one?

Question Mark.jpg

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning."

-Albert Einstein

India's Launch of a National Chapter

See here:

WikiEducator Promotional Video

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What is OER?

Some of you might not yet have a clear understanding what Open Educational Resources means, so here is a presentation that you could find helpful:

My sandbox



Draft:1 Report to be ready before 10th june,2008

{{#if:You've made excellent progress so far. Well done. You need to practice bullets and numbered lists, image placements and captions with images. Keep up the good work! --Wayne Mackintosh 17:16, 5 May 2008 (UTC)|(Comment.gif: You've made excellent progress so far. Well done. You need to practice bullets and numbered lists, image placements and captions with images. Keep up the good work! --Wayne Mackintosh 17:16, 5 May 2008 (UTC))|}}

Notes from my Wikineighbours

  • 80px-Wikineighbour V2.png Hello Ramakrishna and welcome to our workshop! I hope we can assist in you becoming a Wikibuddy and beyond. I look forward to seeing future contributions in WE! --Benjamin Stewart 03:24, 27 September 2010 (UTC)

Welcome to eL4C45

Your facilitators:

  • Hi,am your wikineighbour. Congratulations for being the featured user for April,2009.----Yanubha 18:20, 31 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Namaste Dr.Ramakrishnan, you asked me whom do i shine after .....may be am the halo you see in your god's image,the Tej aur Aabha.--Yanubha 08:05, 29 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Welcome, your page is already a good example for many, thank you for joining--Nadia El Borai 04:04, 22 September 2010 (UTC)