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Dr. Corinth Lewis

Today is: 7, December 2022

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Website:University of Belize
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Corinth I. Lewis

Corinth I. Lewis

What happened to Me this Morning

Corinth Lewis this morning came to work early to keep an appointment with a student. As she entered the campus, there was an iguana running across the field.

Importing Information from a pin drive proved a challenge at first but became clear with just a bit of information.

  • How to access the pin Drive,
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Understanding the numbering process is a bit more challenging

University of Belize
The session with the students commenced at about 8:20 a.m. and ended at approximately 9:20 a.m.. Many emergency emotions were expressed by the students, the strongest being personal anxiety and fear, and concern for both the suspended and injured student, Bruno, and the student who was attacked, Glen. Some students expressed concern for their own safety – being attacked or in the “line of fire” should there be future incidents precipitated by Bruno.
The students who provided information at the disciplinary hearing expressed apprehension and anxiety that Bruno may seek revenge against them for giving testimony at the disciplinary hearing - (these students had concerns that they were asked to give testimony with Bruno present). Generally, most of the students expressed feelings of apprehension and concern for their personal safety should Bruno return to their class. They shared experiences with Bruno’s history of fluctuating moods, from elation to depression, a pattern of behaviour that those who know him describe as being manic-depressive, a pattern that has been his modus operandi in high school, through to sixth form and now at UB; this according to those who have known him before his coming to UB. They also shared the information that this was not Bruno’s first involvement in an aggressive incident. Dr. Menon attested to the somewhat “brash” demeanor Bruno exhibited in some exchanges they have had.