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Contact-new.svg Christine S Mulenga
Occupation:Systems Administrator
Other roles:Lecturer
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Hello....This is My Space....,

About Me

My name is Christine Simfukwe Mulenga. I am a woman aged 34 years old. I love ;

  • jogging
  • my country ZAMBIA
  • Trying out new technology
  • Talking (I do very liitle listening ....I think)and
  • most activities which keep my whole body active.

I have a BSc in Computing from Greenwich University. I plan on studying an Information Security Masters programme in the near future.


I work for Zambia Centre For Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) in the IT Section. I have been working for ZCAS for nearly 9 years ( by July 2008) now. I am currently the Computer Systems Administrator. I also do part time lecturing right here at ZCAS. The zcas website is hosted at ZAMNET

Workshop Aspirations


I hope to get Certified at all Levels i.e;

  • Apprentice Level 1
  • Apprentice Level 2
  • Wikibuddy


Once equipped with this knowledge I hope to collaborate with other training institutions and share classroom materials.

Web site

I would like to develop a website which will have a portal for registered users to log and access resources for education.

Free TextBook

I have a paper on SDLC in ProjectManagement SDLC....

I would also like to write an IT book....eventually which I can avail to Wiki users.

My Family

I am married with 4 children. The picture bellow shows from left to right ;

  1. Chilumba (5 yrs)
  2. Mubanga (11 yrs) and
  3. Jonathan (1 yrs)


I love love my family...what ever free time I can get I just want to be with them...we scream..shout at each other and also do a lot of talking....playing hide and seek....making NOISE.

Contact Details;
Christine S Mulenga
Centre For Advanced Software Engineering (CASE)
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia City Campus
Jalan Semarak, 54100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel (+603)2615 4429
Cell (+601) 7236 4109
Fax (+603) 2693 0933

--Christine 13:43, 25 June 2008 (UTC) My Work Space