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Contact-new.svg Dr. Charu Khosla Gupta

Employer:Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi
Other roles:Teaching and Research in Botany and Development of e-learning material for University of Delhi and NCERT
Nationality:Flag of India.svg Indian
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I,Charu Khosla Gupta am an associate professor at Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi. My area of specialization is Reproductive biology of flowering plants. I love teaching pollination and environmental biology to the under graduate students. I am also involved in developing e-learning material for the University of Delhi and NCERT. Recently, we organised a Biology Course Workshop for Life Sciences Part III at Acharya Narendra Dev College.

My Profile

I got my M.Phil degree in 1992 on the "Developmental Biology of Polypleurum stylosum" from the University of Delhi.Further, I was awarded a doctorate in 1997 on the "Reproductive Biology of Three Aquatic Angiosperms: Polypleurum, Utricularia and Ceratophyllum",also from the University of Delhi.I have been working on the Reproductive biology of Aquatic angiosperms for last 18 years.

Research Project

Awarded a Research Project entitled, “Fertilization in Podostemaceae- an unresolved problem”, by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi under the fast track proposal for young scientists. (2003-06).

My Interests

I am basically a sportsperson. I love swimming, all types of water-sports, trekking and gymming. I am an avid traveller and a fun loving person. My other hobbies include reading, painting and gardening.

List of my Publications

  • Khosla, C. and Mohan Ram, H.Y. 1993. Morphology of flower, fruit and seed in Polypleurum stylosum. Aquatic Botany 46: 255-262.
  • Mohan Ram, H.Y. and Khosla, C. 1998. Pollination in aquatic flowering plants. In Plant reproduction: Genetics and Biology. Ed. Gohil, R.N.
  • Khosla, C., Shivanna, K.R. and Mohan Ram, H.Y. 1998. Pollination in aquatic insectivore Utricularia inflexa var stellaris. Phytomorphology 48: 417- 425.
  • Khosla, C., Shivanna, K.R. and Mohan Ram, H.Y. 2000. Reproductive biology of Polypeurum stylosum (Podostemaceae) Aquatic Botany 67: 143-154.
  • Khosla, C., Shivanna, K.R. and Mohan Ram, H.Y. 2001. Cleistogamy in Griffithella hookeriana (Podostemaceae). South African Journal of Botany 67: 324-328.
  • Gupta, C.K. and Sehgal, A. 2006. Biodiversity in Podostemaceae: Conservational aspects. In: abstracts of National Conference on Biodiversity related International Conventions- Role of Indian Scientific Community: 88-89.
  • Gupta, C.K. and Sehgal, A. 2009. Pollination biology of Indotristicha ramosissima (Podostemaceae-Tristichoideae). Aquatic Botany 91:51-56

My Contributions on Wikieducator

My PhotoGallery

My photo gallery

Contributions to the Corporate Life of the College

A. Curriculum Development

(a) 2007-08: Was a member of Curriculum development team for B.Sc. Restructured program, University of Delhi.

(b) Participated in Workshop for creating Question bank for Institute of Life Long Learning and helped the institute in developing the questions on Biodiversity and Conservation.

B. Cultural/Extra-curricular Activities

(a) 2006-08: Was a member of the annual events committee. Selected and trained the comperes for all Annual events of the college. Organized the Inter College dance and Music competition during the College Fest.

C. Sports/Community and Extension Service

(a) 2008-09: Convener, Sports committee of the college.

(b) Organized Sports Extravaganza for the students in the third week of November,2008.

D. Administrative Assignments

(a) 2006-08: Teacher-in-charge, Department of Botany

(b) 2008-09:

  • Convener, Attendance Committee
  • Co-convener, Garden Committee
  • Convener, Botanical Society. Organized a lecture by Dr. Subodh Sharma, Advisor, Ministry of Environment and Forests on ‘Climate Change’ in September, 2008

E. Others

A.The curriculum of the B.Sc. Programme in Life Sciences has been revised and implemented in the academic year 2008-09. The course contains many experiments which have been introduced for the first time. Our college along with ILLL organized a four-day workshop for college teachers to impart a hands-on training and lectures on the newly introduced subjects.

B.Organized a Practical Training Workshop for students on ‘Understanding Complexities of Life from Molecules to System: Concepts and Tools’ from May 12-23, 2008. Was also a Resource person in Fluorescence Microscopy in the Workshop.

C.Organized the Biology Course Workshop (LS-306) for B.Sc. Programme part III in association with ILLL at Acharya Narendra Dev College from October 21-24, 2008. Was also a Resource person at the workshop.

D.Two field trips were made to the Western Ghats during December-January 2005-07 for collection and investigation of Research material under the DST Project on “Fertilization in Podostemaceae- an unresolved problem.”

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