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Employer:NIE NCERT
Other roles:Research, Training, Development and Extension in the area of ECCE and Primary Education
Nationality:Flag of India.svg Indian

Early Childhood Care and Education(ECCE)What is ECCE?= Early Childhood stage is a very crucial stage of the Human life. Maximum developmnet occurs at this time.

Importance of ECCE

  • Physical development of the children
  • Development of creativity in children


  1. Over all growth and developmen of children
  2. Development of personality and success in later life

Reseraches in ECCE

Brain Research

Early Childhood stage is a plastic stage. Maximum development of the child takes place at this time, especially Brain development.So we should provide ample opportunity to the children.

Action Research

Case Studies


  • Piaget
  • Eric Ericson
  • Frued
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importance of ECCE
  • overall development
  • Stumulation

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My sandbox My practice area NCERT My friend is [[User:mani_g1|Manisha]. She teaches in ANDCNCERT [1]