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Today is: 10, December 2022


I am Carole Hanaway

Carole Hanaway photo.jpg

I have been an educator for over 40 years.

I am now 63

I find myself serving as the librarian at the International School of Penang in Malaysia.

In 1966, I taught grades 1-8 in a one room school-Glen Lake School- in Eureka, Montana. I spent 31 years teaching in the state of Washington. Upon "retirement" in 2001 I sought an opportunity to teach in Istanbul, Turkey. I also taught in Muscat, Oman for six months and came home to instruct English 101 classes at Skagit Valley College. My post in Malaysia will be my last before I really am fully retired.

At present I am earnestly attempting to expand my knowledge of technology. I am meeting Wiki and I am also exploring the use of Moodle.

My training

  • Masters in Educational Administration
  • Major Areas of Study
    • English
    • Media Specialist

My Expertise

  1. The Academic Essay
  2. Research Process
    1. APA
    2. MLA
    3. Harvard
    4. Chicago
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  4. Debate

My Sidelines

  • Ordained minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism- I have performed two weddings to date
  • Frequent sailor among the Gulf Islands
  • Cross-country and downhill skiing
  • Member of People for the American Way