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Contact-new.svg Carlos D'Andrea
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Occupation:Journalist/Digital Communications Teacher
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My profile

I'm journalist and teacher in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Nowadays I work as a digital communication teacher in a private university and also study colaborative writing in Wikipedia in a Program of Postgraduate in Linguistics (UFMG).
I'm doing the eL4C3 Learning4Content.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • web 2.0
  • colaborative content, especially writing
  • citizen journalism
  • music, travel and soccer ;-)

Some of my academic articles

  • Wikis e o Hipertexto Colaborativo (unpublished)
    • Abstract: Approaching hipertext studies and the Web 2.0's concept, this article presents and discusses the possibilities of the web-based software wiki for new pratices of reading, writing and editing. Among the wiki characteristics, we enphasize the potencial colaborative and coletive writing, possible through the user's interactions.
  • Ler, escrever, editar, comentar, votar... Os desafios do letramento digital na web2.0
    • Abstract: The internet connection as a basic caracteristic of the “Network Society” resulted in new challenges for the digital literacy. The fast popularization of Internet was impacted, since 2005, by a new generation of web sites,called Web 2.0, in which is possible everyone can participate directly of the process of elaboration, publication and edition of contents. For digital literacy, this concept results in new habilities, considering that all management process is made by the users. In this paper, we present two important sites of Web 2.0: YouTube, popular in sharing videos, and Wikipedia, the enciclopedia that any one can edit. In conclusion, are discussed the habilities expected for a complete participation of “readers” in colaborative projects.

See full list of my academic articles