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Carina Bossu
Employer:University of Tasmania
Occupation:Lecturer (Learning and Teaching)
Languages:Portuguese and English
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About me

I am a Lecturer (Learning and Teaching) with the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) at the University of Tasmania. My work and research are primarily focused on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) in higher education, more specifically issues related to learning, teaching and professional development.


Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education (GCTE) - University of New England, 2012

Doctor of Philosophy - University of New England, 2009

Masters in Educational Administration (Research) - University of New England, Australia, 2005

Graduate Certificate in Educational Management - University of New England, Australia, 2004

Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering - University of São Paulo, Brazil, 2003

Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology - Methodist University of Piracicaba, Brazil, 1996

My Interests

  • Professional

My current research focus are Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP). Other areas of interest include: staff development, higher and distance education, educational change and policy development.

  • Personal

I am personally interested in traveling and other people's travel experiences. History and music are also other interests.

Grants and Awards

  • Award

- New Researcher: 'One to Watch' 2013 Competition by Routledge Education -

  • Grant awarded

- Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), SEED Project, from Dec 2013

- Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), previous Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC), Competitive Grant, Nov 2010 to Dec 2012

  • Grant led

- Council on Australia and Latin America Relations (COALAR), 2010

  • Other grants and scholarships that I have been awarded

- Keith & Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travelling Scholarship (UNE), 2007

- Institute for Educational Research Student Research Grant, 2006

- Ambassadorial Scholarship Program - Rotary Foundation, 2004

- During my PhD candidature, I held a University of New England Assistantship for International Students of Exceptional Merit Scholarship that covered the fees and living costs during the three years of my candidature.

Professional Affiliations

  • Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE)

Journal Review

  • British Journal of Educational Technology
  • Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
  • Member of the Scientific Editorial Board of the Universities and Knowledge Society Journal (RUSC)

Recent Publications

Bossu, C., Bull, D., & Brown, M. (2012). Opening up Down Under: the role of open educational resources in promoting social inclusion in Australia. Distance Education, 33(2), 151–164.

Willems, J., & Bossu, C. (2012). Equity considerations for open educational resources in the glocalization of education. Distance Education, 33(2) 185–199.

Bossu, C., Brown, M., & Bull, D. (2011). Playing catch-up: Investigating public and institutional policies for OER practices in Australia. The Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 15(2), 41 - 54.

Bossu, C. & Tynan, B. (2011). "OERs: new media on the learning landscape", On the Horizon, 19(4), 259 - 267.