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Contact-new.svg Camille Dickson-Deane
Employer:University of Missouri
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Professional Background

Thirteen years of experience in education and industry in three countries. Currently pursuing PhD in Information Systems and Learning Technologies via Fulbright scholarship.

  • Six years: Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Thirtheen years: Project Management
  • One year: Demand management
  • Nine years: Education (Full/Part Time Faculty member; professional development facilitator)

Possess technical and non-technical consulting, program/project management in education and Information Technology-related industries, analysis, documentation, problem-solving, leadership, communications, negotiating, course development and organisational skills.


PhD. Information Science and Learning Technologies (estimated completion 2011)

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies

MSc. Software Development and Management

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA
B. Thomas Golisano College of Computer and Information Sciences

BSc Computer Science

University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad
Department of Natural Sciences

Project Management Professional

Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, USA

My Interests


Instructor/Facilitator/Learning Science Researcher [Student]/Evaluator

Providing knowledge using methods that not only make accessing it easier, but also allow the meaning [of the information] conducive to the learner's characteristics. As such, some of my interests are

  • Tailoring information for the specific learner (culturally-specific knowledge)
  • Evaluating the learning, designing and implementation cycles for Elearning/online learning
  • Delivery of continuing education sometimes referred to as professional development for Just in Time Learning (JIT) efforts

Project Manager [Consultant]

  • Managing the implementation of
    • learning systems/environments
    • information systems
    • curricula
    • academic research
  • Educating professionals in project management tools and techniques


I've danced for twenty three years in a variety of genres ballet, modern, tap, jazz, caribbean folk and Indian having taught the first four and becoming a certified teacher in tap and jazz. The arts have been my passion all my life and continue to be. Below are pictures of a piece I choreographed at my Master's Alma Mater Rochester Institute of Technologies NTID 1999 annual showcase.

The picture on the side is that of the great Merce Cunningham, the Father of Dance and Technology who died Sunday 26th, 2009 at the age of 90 years. I saw him perform 10 years ago at Lincoln Theater where he displayed virtual dancers performing on the same stage as real dancers in a piece called Biped.

Going back to my other interests, you can a list of some of the books I'm currently reading at My Booklist.


There are three things I miss about home

  • Carnival
  • Food
  • Not being land locked - beaches...:-)

My Projects

List of Publications The Information experience lab at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies.

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  • Can culture be a challenge for distance learning initiatives?
  1. If so, how do we accommodate for culture in our learning environments?
  2. If not, do you think learning and instructional design theories can still be applied successfully without considering culture?

Here is where I practice My sandbox

My Reflection

Notes and Feedback from my Wiki Neighbours

All the following are in your tutorials, but I put them here for you as a kind of learning shortcut. Earlier posts on bottom, later ones on top.

  • Here is another tip. Uploading Pictures. You have a picture on your computer. You want to put it onto a page you are editing. Remember where it is and what it is called on your computer. On your page, in edit mode, you name the file by whatever name you want to call it. Do not use a generic name like "My_picture" or it will get easily mixed up on the WikiEd site. Best is to put your name in the file name you choose. Make sure the extension is one of the many Wiki can handle, like gif, png or jpg. Put it inside two sets of square brackets. At the beginning, type in the word image followed by a colon followed by your image file name. Then save and that puts your page into publishing mode, and you have a web page again. The image file name should appear in red, indicating that it has not been used already. Click on it and a new page will appear that has easy instructions abut uploading the file from your computer. Do it. The image gets its own page. When you see it, go to the bottom of that image page; click on your page name and there it will be.--Phil Bartle 13:11, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Another tip is to borrow from your Wiki neighbours. Browse around other User pages. If there is anything you like, just copy it and paste it in to your user page. Make any modification you need, and there you are. --Phil Bartle 03:15, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
  • If you have not seen it yet, I recommend that you look at the youtube video clip on Wikis. In WikiEd, as in the video, the most important buttons are edit and save. A third button, Link, is not quite the same on WikiEd. To make a sub page, in edit mode, you simply give it a name. put forward slashes around it, then two square brackets in front and after the result. When you save, the word will be in red. Click on it and it will tell you there is no such page. As soon as you start editing, the sub page is created. --Phil Bartle 03:05, 27 July 2009 (UTC)