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Contact-new.svg Busisiwe Ngcebetsha
Employer:Media and Training Centre for Health
Occupation:Projects Manager
Other roles:Radio Skills Trainer, HIV & AIDS workshop facilitator
Nationality:South African
Country:South Africa
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My Profile

Professional Background

I am a Projects Manager, I am responsible for all Radio Projects. My love of radio started way back when I was still young, my childhood memories go back to when there was a radio program 'Phila' meaning Be Well. This was a health education program but the way it was produced made you want to listen more especially if you are a child because they used a lot of sound effects and also tried to change the presenter's tone to be catchy and interesting for the younger audience and it was really entertaining and educational.

When I was at university, a community radio station was started and I w as one of the people involved from the very beginning. I initially thought I would just read news because I am little shy, I could not imagine myself hosting a three hour radio program, I always worried of running out of what to say and you must remember that it was just a community radio station and we never had any formal training before that. News for me seemed the most easy thing to do as you would read from a hard copy unlike ad libbing for the radio program. I was worried that I would bore listeners if I w as presenting a radio program. When I first got involved in radio I had no previous experience or any education related to media and radio in particular.

After I graduated from university I stayed on at the radio station and I was hoping some day we will get employed and move from being just a volunteer. A better opportunity came up for me when the Department of Communications advertised a new college that offers Radio and TV production, the department was offering full bursaries for people interested in the course. I decided to give it a short and apply, I only found out later that the offer was a nationwide call and the college could only accommodate thirty students, fifteen radio and fifteen television students. I immediately lost hope even though I was at an advantage for being exposed to radio and that I qualified because they were interested in graduate from different fields including social science. I was shortlisted for an interview and I eventually got a space to study radio production for twelve months and do internship for four months after that. I did the radio production diploma in 2000 and my internship in 2001 and graduated in June 2001.

I am happy that I am still working for the same company that took me in for internship. After I finished my internship I was offered employment but I had to move two years later to a new company and got back to the Media & Training Centre for Health in 2007. My job always involved media and health.


  1. Bachelor of Arts with majors in psychology, anthropology and a local language Xhosa
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Science
  3. Professional Diploma in Radio Production

My Interests


I am interested in learning more about the Wiki and how I can use it to complement what I do. I am also interested in referring the partners we are working with to be involved. I would like to share information and material with other people that are in the same field with me and be able to access materials posted by other people.


This online workshop for me is about personal development, growth and networking with other people in different parts of the world. I love making new friends that I can share ideas with, I like listening to what people are saying and in this case, even going through people's pages is like listening to what the user is trying to say, I love reading and watching movies, listening to music even though I am very bad at dancing I love watching people dance.



My Projects

I currently work on a number of different projects:

  • I help on the radio element of the Distance learning project - a partnership between Media & Training Centre for Health and the Commonwealth of Learning, the projects is mainly on HIV and AIDS with more emphasis on prevention and ARV adherence
  • I am also working on an HIV and Early Childhood Development project where we trained women living HIV on early childhood skills so that they do not lose hope and can have an income. This project has really made an impact on the women's lives, their lives have dramatically improved as their stress levels have gone down that they were before they were employed.
  • I am also working on a community radio project on conservation and sustainable development
  • I am also working on an HIV and AIDS project that involves Home Based Care and Community Radio
  • The other project involves high school children, we trained them on starting a community newspaper, one of the major objectives for this project is to encourage and raise interest in these high school children to consider journalism as a career after they finish high school. The area we are working in is a very small town that has almost nothing happening.

My Sandbox

My Sandbox

Developing life changing media

My Reflection

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

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Hello Busi - I know what you mean. When I am learning something new like WikiEducator, I like to learn a lot as quickly as possible. A little feedback helps. Knowing you are on the right track is really important. You are definitely on the right track!

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Hello, Nice to know you through your page. You are doing very good work through the radio and health initiatives. Congrats! Kalpana Gupte 06:54, 14 May 2010 (UTC)

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