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Contact-new.svg Bulbul Kumar
Employer:The Shri Ram School,
Occupation:Geography Teacher, Middle School
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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My profession

I am Bulbul Kumar, teaching at The Shri Ram School-Aravali in Gurgaon, since the past six years. Initially, I was teaching Kindergarten, then i switched to classes 6-8. I have done my B.A in Geography from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and my M.A in Geography from The Delhi School of Economics. I am currently teaching middle school Geography and loving each minute of it!

My hobbies

I love to read non-fiction and some fiction (depending on my mood, I can read from thrillers, to horror, to family drama etc.).I am a major movie buff and I love watching all kinds of movies, especially horror! I love to paint at times and I'm crazy about dancing and music (again depending on my mood!!). I am not much of a cook, but I love different kind of cuisines. Last but not the least, I adore travelling to just about anywhere!

My favourite quote

Live and let live

Geography ICSE course content

In middle school we teach topics like mapping the earth, landforms, water bodies, all the continents, India, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Rocks, Weather etc.

Class VI worksheets

geography girl

  1. Middle School Geography-worksheet on 'Mapping the Earth'
  2. Middle School Geography-worksheet on 'Australia'
  3. Middle School Geography-worksheet on 'Mapping the Earth 2'
  4. Middle School Geography-'Earth Egg' activity
  5. Middle School Geography-'Apple Earth' activity

geography girl

Class VII worksheets

  1. Middle School Geography-worksheet on 'Atmosphere and Biosphere'
  2. Middle School Geography-ppt on 'Galapagos Island-South America'
  3. Middle School Geography-Fun activity on 'Latitudes and Longitudes'

Class VIII worksheets

  1. Middle School Geography-'Making Sandstone' activity
  2. Middle School Geography-'Lithosphere' worksheet
  3. Middle School Geography-'Rocks' Crossword
  4. Middle School Geography-'Metamorphic sandwiches'


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