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My sandbox

                                                MY PROFILE        

My name is Sylvia Pemberton-Richards and I reside in the caribbean island of St.Christopher(St.Kitts). I am the mother of two-biological children. One daughter and one son, as well as one adopted daughter and one adopted son. I am the second child of four children but the eldest girl in the family. I enjoy spending time with my husband of thirteen(13)yrs and likes to sit out doors with him just relaxing Some of my hobbies and interests include

  • Singing
  • Listening to gospel music
  • Taking care of pets
  • Taking care of children*Taki

Favourite Music

Gospel Music

Care of Elderly Course

/Care of the Individual 65yrs and older with Basic Needs Interference


ng care of the Elderly

I am a lecturer at The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and one of the courses that I teach is

Care of the Elderly