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Contact-new.svg Molupe Lehohla
Employer:National University of Lesotho
Today is: 14, August 2022
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My name is Molupe, my surname is Lehohla. I am currently a lecturer in the department of Pharmacy - Faculty of Health Sciences at the National University of Lesotho. I teach two courses, Biochemistry and General Physiology to Health Sciences students with my speciality being in Neurosciences. My research interest currently is interaction between micronutrients and antiretroviral drugs in HIV/AIDS.

Educational Experience

  • Master of Science in Physiology - Medicine (Neuroscience)
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Biochemistry
      • Bachelor of Science - Biology Chemistry majors

Workshop Expectations

  1. Be able to create and edit/update content on own page
  2. Be able to make powerpoint presentations
  3. Be able to refer students to the page
  4. Be able to teach collegues how to set up own pages
  5. Be able to make collaboraive authoring on common subjects with collegues

Future Plans

  1. Work with other people around the globe
  2. Form networks
  3. Interact with my students through this site

Sandbox OER Contributions

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