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Contact-new.svg James Lukenge
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Occupation:Community Development Facilitator
Other roles:Service Learning Coordinator
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Today is: 13, April 2024

My Profile

My country It is known to be the Pearl of Africa and this is because of its Beautiful climate. It lies astride the Equator and it is surrounded with Avast mass of Water bodies in all its corners. It is one of the few countries where the famous Mount Gorillas are found. I am very proud of it and though globalisation is impacting on it negatively, it used to have the most adorable culture heritage. We are working on rebuilding it to its original glory-which when the first White man saw, he referred it to "The Pearl Of Africa"
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About Me My name is James Lukenge a wikieducator member who wishes to see every one

around the globe get to know the benefits of wikieducator. I hold a bachelors degree in Adult and Community Education of Makerereand currently being employed on an Edulink project SUCAPRI. I am a Ugandan living in the Pearl of Africa Uganda.I believe in the OERs and I suggest the world should Walk together as one toward the achievement of this reality by keeping The gates of Learning Wide Open>

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"Hi, there is a great deal of changes needed...expect a better look soon

My Desire

Have people know the Truth

How to achieve this

Working with communities to help engineer a process of positive change.

what I do

Teaching (Biblical Instruction) especially the young ones.

Reading and Learning from others

Sharing information with those who would wish to Learn from me.

Research about complex questions the world would wish to be answered.

Immediate Goal Being Persued

Further studies ......


Service Learning

WikiEducator Projects Engagement so Far

My L4C contribution


My Pro-D Interests

  • ICT4D
  • Integrated community development
  • Sustainable Development
  • [Moodle]

My sandbox
Book List

Service Learning Detailed

My country is the Pearl of Africa

While in Uganda read Monitor Newspaper


Notes and Feedback from my Wiki Neighbours

  • I have put a few tips and suggestions on my user page, at the bottom. Please click on my signature here, and take a look. They are intended to supplement the tutorials and discussions. If you have any questions or need any help, I am ready to be of as much assistance as I can. Cheers. --Phil Bartle 07:13, 2 August 2009 (UTC)


(Comment.gif: Great start! Rima 16:21, 25 February 2009 (UTC))

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

(Comment.gif: James, please contact me for help on SKYPE or google audio/video chats. Thank you. --Nellie Deutsch 19:33, 24 March 2009 (UTC)) (Comment.gif: Thanks James for liking my page. I am happy to see your page progress during the workshop. Keep adding. Best Wishes --Gita Mathur 06:36, 14 May 2009 (UTC))

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