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Contact-new.svg Chris Babowal
Employer:Babowal & Associates, Inc.
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Country:United States
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Profile of Chris Babowal

DSCF0001.JPG Contact Information: Babowal & Associates, Inc., Phone:(760)695-9000 (Pacific Time 9:30am to 5:30pm) Skype:babceo;(Pacific Time 9:30am to 5:30pm) email me

Who am I?


I am the president and chairman of the board of a corporation, Babowal & Associates, Inc., I founded in 1989. I find myself to be a businesswoman, researcher, counselor, teacher and an expert in language test development. My speciality is the development of listening and speaking tests. Presently, I teach associates how to: conduct a language and task needs analysis, grade high risk listening, speaking and writing tests, create customized syllabuses, curriculum and certificate programs for social, academic, and work-related projects. All of B&A's work is in American English. I also interact with support companies, deal with the finances and legalities of running a language, literacy, and assessment business, edit, participate and/or approve marketing campaigns and deal with marketing issues, and participate and/or approve research and development internal and external projects.

I am advocate life long learning, and self-improvement by supporting and counselling people who I interact with face to face and/or on the internet. I am a member of TESOL Standards Committee. We presently are researching the different English criterion-references (standards)used world-wide. For B&A, I am heading a team who is researching and field testing ways to improve literacy, language learning and assessment tools used via computers,the internet and virtual reality software.

Professional Background

Have had held a California teaching and supervision certificate for over a decade; have an ESL certificate from San Jose State University 1983, certified by Jorie Phillippi to perform Functional Literacy Task Analysis™, have been trained by the Association of Recognised English Language Schools and the University of Oxford, England, in language test development; am an esquire of the University of Oxford; a member of TESOL serving on the Standards Committee; and am the president and chairman of the board for B&A since 1991.

Professional Experience

Taught Parenting to native speakers of English for three years, developed and taught non-native speakers of English Parenting for about a decade, developed and taught keyboarding skills to non-native speaker for 2 years, developed and taught business skills to non-native speakers for two years, managed and taught high school courses to run-away youth for about 2 years, managed, developed, trained teachers and homeless staff-homeless education including literacy, computer and business skills, parenting, health, consumer education, etc. for three years; member of a grant writing team for a large school district; performed Functional Literacy Task Analysis™ (FLTA™) for various industries within the electronic, manufacturing and hospitality areas; develop syllabus, taught, trained teachers and human resources professionals how to present workplace literacy course; developed and performed Functional Language and Task Analysis™; created, published, graded, and analyzed beginning, intermediate, and advanced academic listening and speaking examinations under an agreement with the University of Oxford, England. Marketed, contracted, performed FLTA™, created syllabuses, developed curriculum, taught trainees and trained other trainers to present customized workplace English courses and programs; analyzed needs, created, published, conducted, statistically analyzed, graded and provided scores for customized Work-related English Tests. Trained proctors and graders for both academic and work-related English Proficiency tests maintaining a facility coefficient of over 94% and a correlation of scorer reliability of over 91%, and have ran B&A testing board since 1993.


I am a wife and mother who enjoys being with her family, watching her grown children find their way in the world and exploring life as an adventure with my husband. My husband and I enjoy walks in natural settings, shopping, reading books, making things together, watching action packed movies, storytelling, traveling and cooking. My children and I like to create things together, play all sorts of games, and discuss issues and books and sharing ideas and activities. I like to listen to books on tape, read, knit, crochet, bake, explore world cultures, and explore the Internet and being innovative.



I am researching and exploring innovative ways of delivering less stressful and more inviting assessment tools.

Researching different language related criterion referenced standards and contrasting these standards to the standards presently used in develop B&A language tests.

Researching online assessment tools and candidates reactions to the processes.


Presently I am taking a course in Wiki education Skills and a health seminar.

I am working at building lung capacity, while working with doctors to have better control over my asthma in my new environment-San Diego. So far, I have been able to control the asthma as long as the "Santa Anna" winds are not blowing.



Languages and Cultures Business and industry Cultures Curriculum development Sharing teaching knowledge Language/task Needs Analysis Language Discourse Statistical Analysis for testing Innovative ways of developing curriculum and tests


Care and nurturing of my family Health and pain management Nature Water and air quality Sharing information about the culture I know and learning about other cultures Caring for the communities (online and off line) in live Sharing child development and parenting knowledge

Feedback and Notes from Members

  • Congratulations! You have done an incredible job. I am looking forward to seeing your project develop. Please feel free to ask for help. --Nellie Deutsch 07:30, 20 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Great to see you in the tutorial, Chris, and to see your user page. Do you have any concerns about the quality of educational resources developed using an open authoring approach? If so, what are your concerns? If not, how does an open authoring approach contribute to high quality learning materials. --Phil Bartle 08:47, 20 June 2009 (UTC)
  • i like your nationality flag chris! --kelly