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Contact-new.svg Amy luna
Employer:De Anza College
Other roles:CIS2
Flag of USA.svg USA
Languages:English, Spanish (Mexico)
Flag of USA.svg USA

Other than being a CIS2 student this summer, I am planning carefully my vacation to Mexico.

For my week 6, midtrmm assignment I chose HIV/AIDS and other diseases. The reason why i felt compleded with this topic was becasue not only are two human being att risk to be infected but any futire generations by the simple action of procretion. It can be from sickle cell to HIV, some simply dontt know they have these deadly disesess. The problem with generations that are infected, most of those who are at risk have not health resources to keep up with theur medical record.


This article was a way to show readers the importance of add on/ technology in class rooms.

This link is a diagram that shoes how an open disscusion can take place and develop or used as a lesson plan

This website by far was my favorite, i enjoyed how this video shows a way video and other options are available for learning enviormentss.

2.Privacy and Freedom of Speech

This article posted in 2013 is something any student or employee can relate to as to how it effects peers. A way we all use it for our personal space but also something that can be used against us.

With biased way to express your self online, one must be careful waht we say and to what we refer. This artciel exaplins how "freedom of speech" is being misused and harrasing

This by far was my highly recomendedd article chosen for this project. It explains our online footprint.

3.Intelectual Property

With well writenn article the New York times discribes what intelectuall property fot small business is.

The humorous way to explain what copywriter infringmmess and how this can be illegalll.

This site explaiss the legality of intelectual property.


The top 10 crimes commitedd online, with a great image and explanation its cool to read.

This youtube video is filled with cool statistcss and catchy tunes.

A organization specialzed to focuss on online criminal victims.

5.Employent, Education and Entertainment

For any academic reference this website is great to get help and visually see what is being explained. I've justed this website for math purposes and references.

Youtube is one of the highly used websites for video sharing, from personal to professional use.

Some advice to online students written by non the less, online students themselves. These are some tips for us to keep in mind for future classes.


exploring what topics that can be discussed for this class's midterm.

7.Evaluating and Controlling Technology

A quick check list to see what emerging products will do like in the market.;_ylt=AwrTHQ313r9VkiEAClBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByN3UwbTk1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM5BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--?qid=20081205212258AAwayPd&p=controlling%20technology

This question stuck the minds of many Yahoo users, and followed by responding by saying yes. They speak their opinion about the way we use technology and for what purposes.

Now this link gives us a preview that 67% of people say technology does take a toll on our society. This snowballing effect can go on, dependigg on who you talk to about it.

8.Risk, Failurs, and Responsibilities

Here are some risks when using the internet. This site also mentions phishing, scams, and hacking to better explain the concept they are trying to make.

This 2013 article kind of reminded how things are being tracked and how. This article is realtively recent comapred to othrr articles.

A risk that a user can face online is cyber bulling, this YouTube video demonstrate how that can take an affect on online users.

9.Anytime and Anywhere

Cool technology creating new material for all our generation. This awesome video is really impressive, what technology can develop with time and imagination.

This video I found is a list of some inovtiveve gadgets that might be soon in the market if all goes well. I would love to try that animal to human translator, to better understand by sassy cat.

This article shows percentage of Americans responding to questions about the impact of smartphones in their daily life. I used this article in my discussion because i can actually relate to it.

10.Techonology advances

I personally use my Ipad for homework, movies and e-book reading, i found the video on Ted super cool and exciting. Imagine the cool ways you can flip though an e-book.

We all need to check this video out. This one is pretty funny, i grew up with computers yet didntt know you can find a shortcut to everything.

Either if we are a student or parntt we have to agree we have seen how techonogyy has changed over the years. This video was published last year and i feel like its a little out of date, thats how fast techonlogy changes.