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Contact-new.svg Andrea Cheltenham
Employer:Barbados Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development
Other roles:Literacy Coordinator (St. Paul's Primary)
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My Sandbox

My Contents

Helping Students to Navigate Informational Texts

Academic Background

  • Teaching Certificate: Erdiston Teachers' College, Barbados
  • Bachelor of Arts: University of West Indies,Cave Hill, Barbados
  • Master of Education: University of West Indies,Cave Hill, Barbados
  • Specialist in Educational Administration: University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A

Personal Belief

I am in the business of stretching minds. As an educator helping children to learn is my main business.

Areas of Interests

  • Teaching Reading
  1. With the fast pace developing technological age, children will be required to access more information from the internet.
  2. In order to source material they must be able to read. That means unerstanding the information found and determining what is useful for their purpose.
  3. They must therefore be proficient readers to do this effectively. It is therefore important for schools to place emphasis on building reading skills.
  4. As educators we must understand that children learn to read by reading. Multiple opportunities should therefore be provided for children to read.
  • Teaching Social Studies
  1. The world is becoming a Global village. Students now interact with persons all around the world with the click of a mouse.
  2. They must understand cultural differences and similarities in order to interact effectively.
  3. Teaching the different themes of Social Studies will better enable students to better do this.