Tongan House: Advantages and Disadvantages

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INTRODUCTION Before Development and Westernization made its way into the islands of Tonga, the people of the island did find a way to shelter them from the heat of the sun, rain, cold breeze at night and other natural hazards. They build up something and called it a Tongan House which was a the Fale Hunuki. They saw that they can improve it, and they did. There were more Tongan Fale build,one after another, after improving it to be more stronger, to maintain the hazards they faced. But eventhough there were changes of house type but the materials used were the same, which was obtained locally. So there were changes to make the Tongan Fale more stronger but still there were still weaknesses.

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At the end of the lesson the students will be able to
  • List the Advantages and Disadvantages of a the Tongan House
  • Name/Label the types of the Tongan Houses
  • Name/List the materials that are used for the building
  • List the similarities and the differences between the types of Tonga Houses


  1. (a). State each Tongan House shown on the pictures

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