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A map of Tokelau
  • Location

Tokelau is located 500 km north of Samoa.It consists of 3 main atolls - Atafu (furthest north of the islands, Nukunonu, the middle island and Fakaoko - the most southern of the 3 atolls. The weather in Tokelau is quite consistent throughout the year. The dry season is from May to September. The wet season is from October to April. This is also known as the cyclone season like most Pacific Island countries.The only mode of travel to and from Tokelau is by sea on either the MV Tokelau Vessel or the MV Naomi - a Samoan vessel hired by Tokelau and being schedule for one trip every fortnights. For more info see Tokelau

  • Population

The census of 2006 recorded that the population of Tokelau is about 1700

  • Economy
  • Donor/Aid
  • Political system
  • Language

Education System

  • Structure
  • Schools

There are 3 schools in the whole of Tokelau. Each school is located on each of the three atolls. Tialeniu Schools is located on the atoll of Fakaofo, the most southern of the three islands. Matiti School is located on Nukunonu, while Matauala School is located on the island of Atafu (the northern most island of the three).

The schools have levels or classes running from Early Childhood Education (ECE) right through to Year11. At Year11, students are required to sit a National examination. This examination is used to determine which students will continue Year12 studies under the Tokelau Scholarship Scheme. The successful students commence Year12 and 13 studies in Samoa.

Schools are under the administration of the Taupulega's (Village council). The Education department plays a supporting role in providing training and workshops for Principals and teachers, assisting in other developments with the schools, the setting and marking of the Year11 National Examinations and so forth.

  • TVET

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is still within its planning stages in Tokelau. With the high push out and drop out rate evident in Tokelau, the Department has found the need and urgency to provide opportunities and alternative pathways for the learner to explore. The main focus of the TVET Programme will focus on two main target areas. Firstly, is the school based system, running courses and programmes parallel to the academic programmes from Year 9 to Year 13. The second target group is within the community based programmes. The main community groups in Tokelau are the Taupulega (village council), aumaga (mens group), the fatupaepae (Women Group) and various groups within the church.

Programmes and courses relevant to the needs of the Tokelau people and community are being developed and will be implemented by 2008/2009. It is the hope that TVET will not only provide another pathway for students and individuals in schools and the community, but also assist in the social and economic development of the country.