Dissection box

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It is a box which contains all the necessary equipments to perform various activities in a laboratory It mainly consists of 1.needle 2.forceps(blunt,sharp) 3.sissors 4.brush 5.coverslips 6.watch glass 7.blade 8.slide 9.dropper

A biology student must have a dissection box with him to carry out experiments in biology(boring,zoology) laboratory

The needle and forcep help in mounting material with coverslip easily and accurately

The main purpose of using this box is to carry out dissections(opening the body of animal with blade), hence it is known as dissection box

Forcep helps in holding the materials

Needle helps in mounting

Dropper helps in taking the liquids

Blades help in dissection

Now a days dissection boxes of various companies are available in market in affordable prices. We can also get the individual parts separately.

Sudheer565 (talk)00:54, 15 September 2016