Promote a learning culture withinan organisation

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Promote a learning culture within an organisation[edit]

Discuss how to investigate and analyse the status of the learning culture within an organisation. This question is based on the following guidelines:

* The organisation may want to implement a new training or improve productivity.
within the organisation. The discussion is assessed according to the following 5 assessment    
criteria as given in the table below:

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Assessment Criteria
  • The analysis to be based on information derived from training and development plans, reports, interviews and observation.
  • Information is gathered from relevant and representative sources. The range of sources utilised is sufficient to confirm the accuracy and validity of the information across the full spectrum of the organisation .
  • The analysis defines the extent to which learning is needed within the organisation across levels of work and/or functional work areas.
  • The analysis identifies the status of learning and the learning culture in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators.
  • The analysis identifies possible explanations for the current status of the learning culture, whether positive or negative, in terms of historical trends, current influences and future prospects.
  • The analysis identifies the potential contribution of learning and development to the attainment of organisational and individual goals.

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