Greetings from Canada!

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I was interested in your user page because you are from Oz and my daughter just came back from a fabulous vacation in Gold Coast and points north. Living in a landlocked province in Canada we don't get too much practice surfing or sailing, and she did both! I think I want a job now at Griffith - not really! Then I looked at all of your great ideas but what I really liked best was the way you organized your sandbox. Wow! You have everything in there and are quite an inspiration.

Best regards, Karen McDaniel

Karen6095 (talk)14:26, 4 December 2008

Hi Karen
Thanks for "connecting" with me! I find that we Australian's seem to have a lot in common with Canadians and our values resonate. ie: pretty laidback casual approach to life.

I'm glad your daughter liked Australia. I live in Perth which is on the opposite side of Australia (about 5,000klms from Sydney...more from the Gold Coast!) but it is also on the coast and has beautiful beaches. I don't sail or surf...but I scuba dive so I love living near the ocean. However I was born in Sydney (and lived 2hrs away from the ocean) and my Dad who was born in Queensland, now lives on the Gold Coast. All my family is going to the Gold Coast to meet up for Christmas this year.

I'm glad you liked my sandbox...I will use it as a "quick reference" point where I can quickly look up the codes for things I might want to do as it's too hard to remember all this new info. Feel free to copy anything that interests you!

I haven't put "the things I'm interested in yet on my user page....but I've seen a couple of projects to do with education and HRM that I'm interested in. You might also be interested in the education one - on elearning.

My background is in using computers and if you need any help just ask I'm always happy to help.

I look forward to chatting with you again.

Jennip (talk)15:05, 4 December 2008