The Tree Hut Treaty

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The Tree Hut Treaty by Wiremu Grace

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To time with Waitangi Day in NZ and the beginning of the new year, I will be share reading "The Tree Hut Treaty" with my class and developing some thinking around our own class treaty... It is envisaged that this sequence will spread over 2-3 days. The aim of the Treaty is to create a set of guidelines that will help our class be a safe, friendly, supportive and comfortable learning environment.

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Share read the text as a class allowing time to discuss the charaters' different points of views, the different groups of people involved and their role in the making of the Treehut Treaty.

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Using Higher Order Thinking... As classes share read and revisit the text, children need to be mindful of the RAS...How might a "Treaty" help our class as we establish our learning environment?

In pairs, children (if multiple copies of the text are available) refer back to the text completing the following tasks.


Pictures are from ITC Publications

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Groups share their ideas and devise their own set of suggestions for a Class Treaty. Who will be involved? What role do parents, teachers, staff have in this treaty? What different points of view do we need to consider? Children form small groups each one representing the following groups of people.
  • the children of the class
  • the teacher(s) of the class
  • the principal
  • the parents/caregivers
  • the cleaner
  • the class next door.

Using 3-2-1, groups come back to the class with one contribution for the Treaty that represents their group.

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By the end of the first week, the class has devised a Treaty that all groups are agreed to. The signing could replicate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and representatives from each group as well as all children sign the Treaty. The Treaty will be displayed in the classroom and referred to and reflected on regularly.

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Treatykidstreehut.png @teachernz at Glenview Primary uses the same resource and develops a photo story... Many thanks for sharing this. I like the montage idea!